Kim Carson

On today's Local News Hour:

( 4:02) Summit County Council Member Kim Carson recaps Wednesday's meeting, including the vote on the Colby Bed and Breakfast appeal and reaction to the county receiving another Temporary Restraining Order against  developers Nate Brockbank and Josh Romney.

( 21:17) Snyderville Basin Planning Commission Chairman Ryan Dickey has an update from Tuesday's meeting, including the negative recommendation for the Dakota Pacific Real Estate project at Kimball Junction.


On today's Local News Hour :

( 00:36 ) Summit County Council Member Kim Carson recaps Wednesday's meeting.

( 15:21) Jeremy Sorensen, the new General Manager for Summit Water, introduces himself, tells us what his marching orders are, and recaps the newly seated board meeting held on Wednesday.

Today on the Local News Hour:

Happy 40th Birthday to KPCW!

(07:25) - Summit County Council Member Kim Carson has a recap of yesterday’s meeting.

(21:30) - President and CEO of Ski Utah Nathan Rafferty has details of the 2019-20 ski season – Utah’s 4th best ever despite the early closure due to the pandemic.

(31:40) - Blaire Feulner, founder of KPCW, talks about how the station started 40 years ago and KPCW General Manager Renai Miller talks about the future of the station.

Utah Department of Health

Summit County Council voted Thursday to join the rest of the state and go to the yellow risk level for COVID-19.

The decision takes effect Friday, just three weeks after the county lifted the Stay At Home Order put into place in March, which also ordered businesses, except essential ones, to close. 

When Summit County lifted that order on May first, people were allowed to move about the county and most businesses were allowed to reopen if they followed strict protocols to ensure the safety of employees and customers.

Today on the Local News Hour, Carolyn is joined by Summit County Council member Kim Carson with an update on Wednesday’s council meeting. Then, University of Utah Executive Director of Outreach and Network Development  Tad Morley talks about the 5 million surgical grade masks that are being sewn by volunteers through the Project Protect effort, and Kimball Arts Center Communications Director Amy Roberts talks about upcoming plans for the Monster Draw Rally.

Wasatch County Manager Mike Davis has details following the Stay at Home Order that took effect April 1. Summit County Council Member Kim Carson has a recap of yesterday's council meeting when the council discussed how to deal with an estimated $1.7 million loss in revenues. Heber City LDS Stake President Travis Wilcox talks about how the church continues to minister during the shutdown of churches.

courtesy of Summit County

Last week, the state and Summit County health departments confirmed the first case of COVID-19 in Summit County – a resident who likely contracted the disease during his travels. But the situation escalated when the state’s first case of community spread was reported Saturday in Summit County. 

Summit County Council Member Kim Carson recaps Wednesday's council meeting; Park City Chamber Bureau CEO and President Bill Malone has an update on some of the bills he's watching this session, including the annual funding for tourism promotion; and Winter Sports School Board of Trustees Vice President Whalen Louis and Administrative Office Manager Megan Altman have details about upcoming registration and the plans to expand the Winter Sports School.

Snyderville Planning Commissioner Malena Stevens has announced she is running for a seat on the Summit County Council this year.

She's the second member of that planning panel to throw her hat in the ring.

Stevens said she is a Democrat, and it’s likely she will run for the Council seat being vacated by Kim Carson.

Two other Council seats are on the 2020 ballot.   They’re occupied by Doug Clyde, who has said he will run again; and by Roger Armstrong, who has said he’s undecided but is leaning toward a re-election bid.

Summit County’s Treasurer says she is running for re-election.

The first non-incumbent has declared as a candidate for a seat on the Summit County Council.

Canice Harte, currently a Snyderville Planning Commissioner, says he will run, as a Democrat for the seat that’s being vacated by Council Member Kim Carson.   

Harte explained why he’s running for the Council seat, after serving for six years on the Snyderville Commission.       

Director of Park City Film Katy Wang has details on this weekend's screening at Jim Santy Auditorium. Summit County Council Member Kim Carson recaps this week’s county council meeting. VOLT  or (Valley Opposition to Large Transmission Lines) Citizen representative Bengt Jonsson talks about the organization’s deadline to raise $1.5 million in order  to put the new power lines underground.

Summit County Council member Kim Carson has an update on Wednesday’s council meeting. She provides details about the neighborhood dispute over the proposed road project that will connect Silver Creek to the Bitner Frontage Road. Don Sargent, Coalville City Project Manager of the proposed Wohali development.

Summit County

Summit County Council Member Kim Carson says she’s had some positive feedback from leaders at the Utah Association of Counties—after the Summit Council last week sent a letter complaining about inappropriate politicized comments at some UAC gatherings.

Previously, Carson has not identified the county official who interrupted a UAC meeting in late September,  lobbied on behalf of President Trump and singled out Carson as a Democrat.

But on Wednesday,  she did talk about him by name, since a UAC official has disclosed his identity.

The Summit County Council Wednesday  approved a letter, expressing ‘serious concern”,  to the Board President of the Utah Association of Counties.

The letter says that at a UAC meeting earlier this fall, a  county official made a partisan political pitch for President Trump, and pointed a finger at  Summit County Council Member Kim Carson in his comments.    She was, the letter said, essentially bullied.

The letter says this is the latest in a series of incidents that undermine the professionalism and civility of UAC.