Learning Academy


The Park City School District has instituted changes this year to the way students are referred to the Learning Center which is an alternative learning environment. The results are fewer students at the academy and more main streamed into the high school.

Last year, there were about 70 students enrolled at the Park City School District Learning Center. Associate Superintendent of Wellness, Ben Belnap says they’re trying to reset the referral model and meet the needs of each student.


The Park City Learning Academy is making changes this year which school district leadership hopes will create a more wholistic program for high school students who need more assistance than what the standard classroom offers.

Traditionally, the Park City Learning Center, now Learning Academy would enroll students who were dealing with chronic absenteeism or in need of support to make up credits. Associate Superintendent of Wellness Ben Belnap has an example of the changes this year.

On today’s program, the Director of Summit Land Conservancy Cheryl Fox has an update on open space issues. A Co-Founder of the Park City Songwriter Festival Scott Thomson has details about the inaugural event Sept. 13th and 14th. Park City School District Associate Superintendent of Wellness Ben Belnap talks about the plans for the redesigned Learning Academy and Summit County Community Development Director Pat Putt and Summit County Public Works Director Derick Radke have details about the possible alignments of extending Bittner Road through to Silver Creek.