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Intermountain Healthcare is the largest healthcare provider in Utah and announced plans to merge with Colorado-based SCL Health this week.

The two nonprofit healthcare organizations signed a letter of intent to merge on Thursday. The merger would combine Intermountain’s services in Utah, Idaho, and Nevada with those of SCL in Colorado, Montana, and Kansas.

The Park City Hospital and Heber Valley Hospital are both in the Intermountain network.


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A doctor from Park City Hospital says the overwhelming majority of their current COVID-19 patients are unvaccinated.   

But Dr. Wing Province reports a more troubling trend.   He says many of those patients are hostile to hospital personnel, are misinformed, and on occasion they even accost health workers.   

Dr. Province, the hospital’s medical director, told the Summit County Board of Health Monday night that over 90 percent of their COVID patients are not vaccinated.

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Park City Hospital owner Intermountain Healthcare announced on Monday, April 5, that the hospital system will allow visitors for all patients at its facilities as COVID-19 case rates decline in Utah.


Since the COVID-19 pandemic began a year ago, hospitals disallowed all patient visitors regardless of the severity of illness. Many of the more than half a million Americans who died from COVID-19 did so alone due to hospital visitor restrictions.



The coronavirus vaccine is 95% effective, but not until both doses have been given. Once vaccinated, it doesn’t mean that mask wearing and social distancing ends.

Intermountain Healthcare

Intermountain Park City Hospital received the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine Wednesday and started vaccinating healthcare workers the same day. 

Wing Province is the medical director at the hospital. He said the arrival of the vaccine raised excitement and spirits. 

In this episode of The Mountain Life the new Chief of Urology at Park City Hospital, Dr. Joshua Stern is the guest. Dr. Stern joins Lynn and Pete to talk kidney stones from A to Z. In his previous practice in New York, he developed an integrated, high volume kidney stone center that focused on innovative approaches to endoscopic kidney stone surgery.

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Intermountain Healthcare — which operates the Park City Hospital — plans to merge with another not-for-profit healthcare system. 



Intermountain announced their intent to merge with Sanford Health, which is located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. 

In a press release about the partnership, the CEO and President of Intermountain, Marc Harrison said “through coordinated care, increased use of telehealth and digital health services, we will make healthcare more affordable for our communities.”

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In this episode of The Mountain Life Dr. Kelly Woodward, medical director of the LiveWell Center at Park City Hospital. Dr. Woodward joined the show to talk about new research surrounding the importance of sleep and men's health month. 

On this episode of The Mountain Life. Dr. Max Testa of Intermountain Healthcare joins the show. He is no stranger to helping athletes, he is credited with the rise of the US professional cycling with his involvement with the US Postal cycling team decades ago. Since then he has guided athletes and athletic teams through maximizing their performance, and still does as he has taken on USA Triathlon athletes along with his team at Intermountain Healthcare and Park City Hospital.  Austin Hindman also joins the conversation.

Medical director and emergency medical physician at Park City Hospital, Dr. Wing Province, joins The Mountain Life to give a update on COVID-19. He discusses the extreme importance of wearing a mask and dispels the myths about masks that you might see on social media. He also talks about asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic transmission and the latest research on the Coronavirus pandemic. 

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At a time when there’s been a lot of discussion about making Mental Health services more available in Summit County, Intermountain Health Care has announced it’s opening a Psychology and Counseling Clinic near the Park City Hospital.   

The CEO for the Park City Hospital, Lori Weston, said the new facility will be located in the Round Valley Clinic, across the street from the Hospital, where they have renovated the second floor.

She said they will have up to nine providers.   Currently the clinic has a psychiatrist, a psychologist and an APRN (or advanced practice nurse.)

Wasatch County School District Spokesperson John Moss in to talk about last night's school board meeting. Team Leader  of Historical Preservation for  Kamas 2020 Chris McLaws has details about the visioning process and the loss of historic structures, including the Wagstaff Barn and the CEO of Park City Hospital Lori Weston has details on the opening of the Psychiatry and Counseling offices at Round Valley Clinic at the Park City Hospital.

Park City Hospital

It’s taken a few days for Summit County expecting mothers to birth the first baby of the new decade. It wasn’t until Friday the 3rd of January that a baby boy was delivered at the Park City Hospital.