Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Six elk were found shot in the Snyderville Basin in an area north of I-80 in early January. The killings were done outside of elk hunting season and a sizable reward was raised by many who found the act abhorrent.


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Six dead elk were discovered in the Snyderville Basin area near Bitner Road. Most of the elk were found by a Division of Wildlife Resources Officer while making a routine trip to observe the herd.

Utah DWR Conservation Officer Jonathan Moser says five of the six dead elk appear to have been shot by a 22-caliber bullet. He says it is an inappropriate weapon to use on an animal the size of an elk and it results in a long, painful death.

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

A resident of Rockport saw some hunters shooting deer from the roadway on State Routh 32 near the State Park.  It turns out the hunters were cited by the Division of Wildlife Resources on a couple of counts.  Carolyn Murray has more: