Summit County Board of Health

If you were confused about all of the dates coming out from Summit County's various health orders – the County Board of Health has simplified things. 

At its meeting Monday night, the Summit County Board of Health voted to align the expiration date of all three existing Health Orders related to COVID-19 with the expiration date of May 1st.

The Public Health Emergency Order signed on March 12th was also extended to May 1st. Aside from the expiration date, no other changes were made to any order.

For their first meeting of the year, the Summit County Board of Health passed a Groundwater Source Protection Ordinance.     It's an area already covered by state code, but the county’s new law reinforces their objective—to let water systems know when development is being proposed that could affect them.   

County Council Member Kim Carson, who also sits on the Health Board, said the new ordinance got support at the Board’s meeting on Monday.   She said it will have a huge impact for the water facilities.

Summit County Health Department

The Summit County Board of Health voted in September to restrict the number of shops that sell tobacco products, based on population. Summit County Health Department Director Rich Bullough says the policy was particularly meant to address young people’s use of e-cigarettes and vaping.


The Summit County Board of Health voted on Monday to revise and clarify their code on tobacco and tobacco stores. The aim, they said, was to help close a loophole and to better control the zoning of those stores. Rick Brough has more.