Claire Wiley for PCMC

The e-bike program in the Park City and Snyderville area is a hit, but the bikes are not supposed to be used by riders under 18. County Transportation Manager Caroline Rodriguez is asking for parents to be more responsible

Rodriguez pleaded with parents to remember that the e-bikes are not "play-gyms" as she put it, for their teenager or toddlers

"They're really not meant for that, and I know a lot of our other citizens are concerned about children getting hurt. Please, if parents could be responsible for that, it would really help us out."


Summit County and Park City officials are blown away by the number of people using their e-bikes, which were introduced just a few weeks ago, says County Transportation Director Caroline Rodriguez. Rick Brough has more.

There was good news on several fronts in KPCW's conversation with County Council member Roger Armstrong, especially concerning the electric bus system and e-bikes, as well as sewer service to Silver Creek. Rick Brough has more.

Coming before the Summit County Council will be the recommended policy for e-bikes or electric bikes. KPCW's Leslie Thatcher has more.