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Sundance Film Festival

The film CODA, written and directed by Sian Heder, who previously appeared at Sundance with the film Tallulah walked away as the big winner of Sundance 2021. Here’s Mark Harrington with his take...

This week’s film is"Dreamland" which is available on various streaming services including Amazon Prime, and in select theaters.  "Dreamland" stars Margo Robbie as Allison Wells, a bank robber in the dust bowl of Texas during the depression.  After a bank heist goes all wrong and five people including a little girl are killed, Allison is forced into hiding and a $10,000 bounty is offered for her capture.  The bounty is a potential life line for the area’s impoverished farmers fighting to survive in dying small towns after their fields have run dry and barren from successive beatings by dust

In the final segment of The Sundance Reel 2020, Director Catherine Gund discusses her documentary, AGGIE

In this segment of The Sundance Reel, Director Kareem Tabsch, discusses his film Mucho Mucho Amor.

In our opening segment of the Sundance Reel on Friday, Salt Lake Tribune Movie Critic Sean Means, talks to Leslie Thatcher and Mark Harrington about his favorite films in this year’s festival.

Angelina Jolie returns for another outing as the legendary Walt Disney character Maleficent. The new film raises the question, is she a clasic villainess or a misunderstood stepmom?

This week’s film is Maleficent-Mistress of Evil, starring Angelina Jolie, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Elle Fanning.   

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Which version of "A Star is Born" is your favorite? This and other pressing movie questions get posed and answered by the panel on this episode of the KPCW Film Roundtable. Hosted by KPCW's own Rick Brough, who's joined by Friday Film Reviewers Mark Harrington and Wendy Gourley, as well as KPCW reporter and token Millenial, Emily Means, the team reviews summer films, remakes and what their sleeper favorites were.

Quentin Tarantino’s new film is out. It’s too long, but can it be saved by the ghost of Sharon Tate, and the sight of Brad Pitt taking his shirt off?

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Join KPCW's Rick Brough and his panelists Jill Orschel, Libby Wadman and Mark Harrington in a lively discussion of what to expect and watch out for at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, fall and winter favorites, Christmas movie memories, uber-relevant themes showing up in current movies, and, of course, Lady Bird.

Only The Brave

In this week's Friday Film Review, Mark Harrington has high marks for the timely release of a movie about wild fires and the people who fight them.

Film Roundtable

Get the lowdown on what summer movies were disappointing and which ones should be put in you video que this fall. Panelists Mark Harrington, Barb Bretz and Linda Jager join host Rick Brough to confess films they haven't seen yet and look forward to films of the fall and winter (including Subdance!)

Mark Harrington had hopes -- for just a second -- that the latest Transformers addition, The Last Knight, would be more than an empty blockbuster full of big toys. Alas, it was not to be, as he explains in this week's Friday Film Review.

The big guy, King Kong, is back in a new film. But there's also a dose of Apocalypse Now. Mark Harrington has this week's Friday Film Review.

Film Roundtable - March 11, 2017

Mar 11, 2017

Oscar Edition!

KPCW's band of intrepid reviewers take on the 2017 Academy Awards - the winners, the losers, and the mess-ups.


Friday Film Reviewers Linda Jager and Mark Harrington and filmmaker Jill Orschel join host Rick Brough to talk Oscar buzz, preview Sundance announcements and take on film and politics.