Hot Tuna Playing At The Egyptian Theatre This Weekend

Jun 25, 2019

Acoustic duo Hot Tuna will be on the Egyptian Stage for three days this week.

The Thursday-Saturday performances is the Americana band’s second visit to the Egyptian Theatre.

Jorma Kaukonen of Hot Tuna says he and Jack Casady have played music with each other since they were teens.

“We started out with the music that we loved, and we never lost a love for that in the last 50 some years. Because Tuna’s been together for 50 years, but Jack and I started playing together ’58. So, it's just an ongoing story for us. My connection and Jack’s also to what we've come to call Americana music, it's just really the soundtrack to our lives.”

Hot Tuna’s set will draw from a variety of their catalogue.

The duo also played as a part of Jefferson Airplane before forming Hot Tuna.

“We’re just the luckiest guys in the world you know. We would have played music anyway because we love to play music. Because of what happened in the Jefferson Airplane—and I will always owe my cohorts in the airplane a great debt of gratitude for this—we gained a visibility for the kind of stuff that Hot Tuna does that might not otherwise have happened. We've had a really interesting life that's all I can say.”

Kaukonen recognizes that playing together for so long is a rarity.

“You would find that he and I are really different kinds of people, but even when we were kids, we always respected each other as human beings and as artists. I think that's always persisted. We don't agree about everything, but we've never argued, and we've never had a band meeting. The airplane had him all the time, but we've never had one. That could be the real secret.”

You can find tickets to Hot Tuna’s performance here.