2019 Sundance Film Festival

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Analysis of the 2019 Sundance Film Festival shows a 10% increase in transit ridership from the previous year—yet Park City residents still had concerns about traffic. 

Hillside Ave. resident Peter Marth says he’s been to every Sundance Film Festival. He supports the event and wants it to stay in Park City, but Marth says Lyft and Uber drivers make traffic in residential areas unbearable, as they try to avoid congestion on Main Street and on the city’s large transportation corridors.

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The Park City Council will hear a staff analysis on the successes and items to be improved upon from the 2019 Sundance Film Festival Wednesday. 

Park City Special Events Manager Jenny Diersen considers this year’s Sundance Festival a huge success. Diersen says part of that is due to the Sundance Institute’s role in forwarding the City’s transportation goals.

KPCW Film Roundtable - February 9, 2019

Feb 9, 2019
Monika Guendner/KPCW

KPCW's Rick Brough is joined by the self-named Flick Chicks, Barb Bretz, Katy Wang and Jill Orschel, to discuss this year's films in the Sundance Film Festival.

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As the Sundance Film Festival handed out awards Saturday night, the big winners included a drama centered on a death-row execution; a documentary about China’s one-child policy; a drama featuring young undocumented migrants as the heroes; and the story of a beekeeper in Macedonia.

During the 2019 Festival Awards, held at the Snyderville Basin Fieldhouse, the Grand Jury Prize for a U.S. dramatic Feature went to “Clemency” staring Alfre Woodard as a prison warden facing the psychological toll of carrying out years of death-row executions.

The Sundance Reel - January 31, 2019 Pahoke

Jan 31, 2019

On Today's #TheSundanceReel, directors Ivete Lucas and Patric Bresnan talk about thier fim, Pahokee, one of  16 films in the U.S. documentary competition.

On Today's #TheSundanceReel, Director Jacqueline Olive talks about her film, Always in Season.

On Today's #TheSundanceReel, director Stieg Larsson talks about his documentary, The Man Who Played With Fire.

On Today's #TheSundanceReel, Leslie and guest co-host Barb Bretz speak with Director Petra Costa and Producer Joanna Natasegara of The Edge of Democracy.

Sundance Institute

The Sundance film “Little Monsters” is a warm-hearted tribute to teachers, especially Kindergarten teachers. Plus, there’s a zombie apocalypse.

Naturally the film is in Sundance’s Midnight Movie program.

The film stars Lupita Nyongo as Kindergarten teacher Miss Caroline, who takes her toddlers on a field trip to a petting farm—not realizing that the military testing facility next door has been overwhelmed by a zombie outbreak.

During one Q and A, director Abe Forsythe was asked where he got the inspiration for the story.

Sundance Institute

Audiences going to the Midnight Movies at the Sundance Film Festival can expect some unusual sories. One of the entries, “Sweetheart” is a combination castaway adventure and monster movie.

The film’s central character, Jen, is a young black woman who washes up on the shore of a Pacific Island, the survivor of a party boat wrecked in a storm.

She quickly learns to survive, but finds she is threatened by a monster who lives in the ocean nearby.

Director JD Dillard discussed where he got the inspiration for the plot—and a central image from the movie.

Sundance Institute

One of the dramatic films drawing audiences at Sundance is “Queen of Hearts” about a dark family secret that leads to tragedy.

The film, entered in the World Narrative Film program, is about an upper-class wife, Anne, who enters into an affair with her troubled teen step-son.

At one screening, Danish director May El-Toukhy said she wanted the audience to be complicit with the main character at first.

On today’s #TheSundanceReel, psychiatrist turned Filmmaker Kenneth Paul Rosenburg discusses his film Bedlam – a look that examines our broken mental health policies. He is joined by Patrice Cullors, the co-founder of Black Lives Matter, whose brother Monte is featured in the film.  

The Sundance Reel - January 30, 2019 Photograph

Jan 30, 2019

On today’s #TheSundanceReel, Ritesh Batra is the Director of the premiere, Photograph, that looks at a struggling street photographer in Mumbai being pressured by his grandmother to marry.

The Sundance Reel - January 30, 2019 Sea of Shadows

Jan 30, 2019

On today’s #TheSundanceReel, the Director of the documentary Sea of Shadows Richard Ladkani discusses how the world’s smallest whale as become “the cocaine of the sea.” 

On today’s #TheSundanceReel, the Director of Moonlight Sonata: Deafness in Three Movements Irene Taylor Brodsky is joined by her son Jonas and Producer Tahria Sheather to talk about the film that their personal memoir.