2020 election

  Due to a COVID-19 exposure, the Summit County Clerk’s office remains under quarantine through Friday and will not be counting ballots.

 When news hit about the Summit County Clerk’s office being shut down in the midst of an election – county residents began asking – why? Many essential workers throughout the pandemic have continued to do their jobs –including health care workers– grocery store employees, and teachers.

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Even with Election Day on Tuesday, the Summit County Clerk’s Office is quarantined through Friday due to a positive COVID-19 exposure. 

The office has already processed 18,000 ballots of the 28,000 ballots they’ve received. It won’t release any of the vote counts until after the polls close Tuesday at 8 p.m.

Summit County Clerk Kent Jones said even if the office was there to count ballots this week, they wouldn’t have counted all 28,000 by election day.

Mountain Money - November 2, 2020

Nov 2, 2020

This morning Brenden Fischer (01:54), with the Campaign Legal Center, joined Mountain Money to talk about Campaign Finance for the 2020 elections.  Fischer helped us understand how much was raised, how it was raised, and the impacts of Citizens United, small donors, and other efforts.

In the past two years, legislators have suggested seven amendments to the state’s constitution, ranging in hunting and fishing rights to the legislative start date. 

One of the amendments — Amendment G — could change the use of income tax revenue. As it stands, the Utah constitution limits income tax revenue spending only to public education and higher education spending. 

Summit County Council member Kim Carson announced early on that she would not be running for re-election – and that opened up SEAT C on the county council. Only two people filed to run for that seat and  both of them are current members of the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission, Malena Stevens and Canice Hart. 

Summit County Manager Tom Fisher discusses the agenda for Wednesday's county council meeting. Utah Unemployment Insurance Division Public Information Officer, Brooke Porter Coles has details about the process for filing for unemployment and Summit County Council candidates for Seat C, Canice Hart and Malena Stevens, discuss why they are running for office.

This discussion between Summit County Council Candidates for Seat A, Jill Fellow and Roger Armstrong, took place on the Local News Hour Friday morning. 84 Summit County delegates are set to vote on their choice next week. If one of the candidates wins more than 60% of the vote, s/he will win the election. If the split is less than 60%, then a primary will be held June 30th. With no Republican candidate filing for the seat, the winner of the primary would serve for the next four years.

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The head of a prominent Park City real estate company has thrown his hat into the ring for the 2020 Utah governor’s race.   

Former Vice President Joe Biden visited Park City Saturday morning, in a fundraising push for his 2020 presidential campaign. 

After a rally in Las Vegas Friday, the presidential candidate briefly stopped off to fundraise and mingle with Utah supporters before heading to his next appearance in Denver. Park City residents Amy and Barry Baker hosted the event, with tickets ranging from $250 to $2,800.