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The Park City Council will have its final budget hearing Thursday before adopting the fiscal year 2020 budget later this month. 

Budget staff will review fee schedules, special service contracts, budget policies and capital projects with the Council as well as presenting on the council compensation ordinance.

The mayor and city council members are scheduled to receive a 2% compensation increase.  

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Over the past month, Park City budget staff has presented different aspects of the fiscal year 2020 budget to the Park City Council. The presentations haven’t drawn much public input, and one resident says that’s due, in part, to a lack of clarity and functionality in the staff reports.

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The Park City Council has jumped into the annual budget process – and like every year – they saw the 10-year projections that paint a picture that don’t appear to reflect reality.

The Fiscal Year 2020 budget was presented to the council Thursday by the budget team. The $76 million-dollar budget does not include a tax increase or the capital budget – which will add millions more to the bottom line.

Park City Mucipal Considers Revisions To 2019 Budget

Dec 10, 2018
Park City Municipal Corporation


Park City Municipal budget discussions usually take place in the spring, but City Staff is asking the Council to approve about $70,000-dollars in budget increases immediately. The special meeting is Tuesday  at 2 PM. Carolyn Murray has this:

The Fiscal Year 2019 budget adjustment recommendations are being made based on a request from council to make changes to a few city positions to better fulfill certain areas of focus. Park City Manager, Diane Foster said the focus areas include community engagement, social equity and community development customer service.

The good news is that Park City water rates aren't going up as much as expected.  The bad news is that Park City water rates are going up 12 percent this year and 3 percent every year for the foreseeable future.  KPCW's Leslie Thatcher reports.

Budget forecasting for the Park City School District's five year budget plan tends to be dismal, but as the more realistic numbers for both revenues and expenditures are considered - the district may not be in as hot of water as it seems. Lynn Ware Peek has more.