Kristen Ulmer

Everyone gets scared sometimes. But author, speaker and U.S. Ski Hall of Fame inductee Kristen Ulmer argues we don’t have to be afraid of fear.   

Ulmer became very familiar with fear during her time as a professional skier.

“First of all, I was considered the best woman big mountain extreme skier in the world for 12 years," Ulmer said. "I was also voted the most fearless woman athlete in North America, and so I have this really unique background of learning about what to do about fear through my ski career.”


Valley Behavioral Health is offering a free workshop for families to learn effective ways to relate and build cooperative behaviors in young children. It’s once a week starting July 1 at the MARC.

Alejandra Lara is the Summit County Prevention Specialist running the workshop. The workshop is designed for parents and kids eight years old and younger.

“We want to teach really a lot of different skills that are going to help us really shape how our kids believe in themselves and how they take decisions for the rest of their lives.”

Traditional Chinese Medicine Helps Heal Mind And Body

May 7, 2019
Park City Municipal Corporation

The Wednesday Lunch and Learn topic at the PC MARC explores the connection between mental health and physical health from the perspective of Traditional Chinese medicine.

People who struggle with mental health are moving to a broader team approach for their treatment. It can include things like Yoga, a mindfulness practice and exercise.  Maile McCain is an acupuncturist, herbalist and Chinese medicine practitioner. She deals with all levels of mental illness including anxiety and stress but also major depression.

It’s a little cold to hit the outdoor tennis courts, but later this month, the PC MARC will host a Casino Night Social, to keep tennis players warmed up during the winter. KPCW’s Emily Means has more.

PC MARC Tennis Coordinator Hannah Shephard says the event will be held Friday, January 11th and will incorporate a bit of inspiration from the poker table.

PC MARC Lunch And Learn Covers Melanoma

Jan 9, 2018

Wednesday's Lunch And Learn at the PC MARC features a discussion on melanoma which is a deadly form of skin cancer that is very prevalent in Utah.  Carolyn Murray previews the session:

The Morning Mix December 29, 2017

Dec 29, 2017

Today on the Morning Mix Christie and John talk about how to wrap up 2017. How to leave behind what doesn’t bring fulfillment, leave behind pain, frustration and explore creativity, adventure and possibility in 2018. Musical guests Elizabeth Hareza and Aaron English just back from a 50-date tour through Europe are in studio. Kyra Wong, posture therapist, stops by to talk about better health practices. Mike Wong PCCAPS advisor and lead engineer of the kinetic sculpture soon be installed at the PC MARC talks about the progress of the project.

Local News Hour - December 13, 2016

Dec 13, 2016

On today’s program, Host Leslie Thatcher speaks to Summit County manager Tom Fisher who previews the agenda for Wednesday's meeting. Park City Planning Director Bruce Erickson has a review of Wednesday’s planning commission meeting, which includes the monthly update on the Treasure project as well as the appeal of his denial for a building permit for a building over an outdoor pool.


A recent public open house  unveiled a dozen options for new recreational facilities in the City and County. Now, the recreation experts will continue to evaluate and vet the various options for new playing fields, possible aquatics facilities, field houses and parks.  Lynn Ware Peek has more. 

On today's program, Leslie Thatcher speaks to Summit County Development Director Pat Putt and Personnel Director Brian Bellamy; Colin Deford, who is running for Summit County Council; Kyle Oram who talks about solar panel installation; and Rick Rea, Artistic Director of Ziegfeld Theatre Company about Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.


On today's program, Leslie Thatcher speaks with Summit County Manager Tom Fisher, Park City Planners Francisco Astorga and Kirsten Whetstone, Dondee Sherer-Lykes and Gina Van Luven and Historic Park City Alliance Director Alison Butz.

On today's program, Leslie Thatcher speaks to Mary Christa Smith and Matt Abbot with Summit Community Power Works about the most recent rankings that show Summit County in 6th place for the $5 million Georgetown University Energy Prize. Later, Tom Kelly with USSA has a weekly update. Park city Magazin Editor Melissa Fields and Contributor Tom Clyde highlight the new winter edition and PC MARC's Karen Yocum has a rundown of winter programs.

On today's program, Summit County Planning and Zoning Administrator Peter Barnes discusses the proposed code changes for the east side of the county. Park City planners review the agenda for Tuesday's planning commission meeting. The PC MARC Wellness Coordinator Dondea Sherer=Lykes talks about Wednesday's free Lunch and Learn topic with guest Erin Kay.

On today's program, Park City Planners Francisco Astorga and Anya Grahn review the agenda for Wednesday's Planning Commission meeting. Summit County Manager Tom Fisher talks about the 2016 budget. Dondee Shearer-Lykes has information abut this week's PC MARC Fight Week, Paul Putnam has information about an athletic recruiting meeting on Monday and Laurie Moldawer talks about a new way to fund tuition at the Park City Culinary Institute.


There are two massive solar energy installations in Summit County – one at the PC MARC, the other at the Summit County Justice Center  - that were completed months before they could be hooked up to the grid. It has questions that could complicate the relationship between Rocky Mountain Power and solar companies and their clients. Lynn Ware Peek has more.

On today's program, host Leslie Thatcher speaks with outgoing Utah Avalanche Center Director Bruce Tremper on his nearly 30 year career with the Center. Park City Planners Anya Grahn and Kirsten Whetstone discuss Wednesdays' Park City Planning Commission agenda items, PC MARC Wellness Coordinator Dondee Sherer-Likes and Mary Closser with Recycle Utah talk about Wednesday's free Lunchtime Learning and Jenny Mauer and Kelsey Teegen with the Christian Center of Park City talk about Saturday's Hike for Hunger fundraiser.