Representative John Curtis

John Curtis

Climate change is a partisan issue in this country, and one Republican Utah Congressman is working with members across the aisle to address the global climate crisis. 

Republican Utah Congressman John Curtis has openly called on members of his political party to acknowledge climate change. 

He’s worked with Citizens’ Climate Lobby and cosponsored bills ranging from advanced battery recycling programs to legislation that would help farmers get paid to sequester carbon in soil.

3rd District Representative John Curtis spoke to members of the Wasatch County Republican Party at their annual Lincoln day breakfast on Saturday.

What will Heber look like 30 years from now? Continued sprawl or high-density town centers with open space surrounding? Or something else? Answering those questions has been the purpose of the Envision Heber 2050 project. The Wednesday evening meeting saw the city come one step closer to updating their general plan.

Residents of Utah’s Third Congressional District were able to engage with their elected House representative John Curtis on Wednesday evening.

Envision Heber Website

Heber Valley has a few events on Wednesday including a visit from Representative John Curtis and a presentation of the Envision Heber 2050 project.

Utah Congressman John Curtis will be visiting Heber City on Wednesday evening. The state’s third congressional district representative will hold his townhall meeting from 5:00 to 6:00 pm at the Heber City Police Department located at 301 S Main Street. Curtis, who represents Wasatch County, will speak on current issues and take questions from the audience.

Representative John Curtis Sponsors 12 Bills

Jan 18, 2019
John Curtis

KPCW’s third and final report on District 3 Representative John Curtis highlights legislation he has sponsored in his first year in Washington. Wasatch County is part of District 3. Curtis is on the Natural Resources Committee, the Small Business Committee and the Committee on Foreign Affairs. Carolyn Murray has this.

John Curtis

In this second story on District 3 Representative, John Curtis, he discusses the Trade War with China and the impacts it has on constituents. He does not agree with the President’s strategy of imposing tariffs on China and doesn’t think it benefits the economy.  Carolyn Murray has this:

Representative John Curtis said the trade war is mostly hurting small businesses and that he hears from his constituents almost daily about how it’s impacted them.