Utah Open Lands

On this edition of This Green Earth:

Utah Open Lands Executive Director Wendy Fisher shares more about the transportation study going on  in Kimball Junction and how it may impact local conservation work.

Midway Kem C. Gardner Legacy Preservation

Utah Open Lands and Midway City are working on two open space preservation initiatives that will forever protect agricultural lands in the Heber Valley.

On today's Local News Hour: 

( 05:41) Summit County Economic Development Director Jeff Jones has an update on the Census and affordable housing prices. 

( 24:26) Utah Open Lands Ex. Director Wendy Fisher answers questions about the Boyer Tech Park open space and the lack of a conservation easement as well as the organization's 30th anniversary and other open space projects they're working on. 

( 37:50) Park City Public Works Manager Troy Daley has details on Park City's pavement plan update and Park Ave. slurry project. 

Utah Open Lands

Monday night the Wasatch County Open Lands Board will meet to consider giving $2 million to save one of the last dairy farms in the Heber Valley.

The Albert Kohler Legacy Farm is 103 acres between River Road on the west, and the Provo River on the east around 1800 North.  The Kohler family has operated the farm since the 1800's. Currently, they process milk and cheese on site and sell it in a red building adjacent to the proposed protected property.  The family also operates a cafe and provides tours of the cheese-making facility to local students and tourists.

House Bill 245 is called Dogs in Watershed Areas, but the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Cheryl Acton, says it could go by a different title.

“But it should probably be called 'taking the family dog on a Sunday drive,' because that’s really what this bill is about,” Acton said.

At Thursday’s meeting, the Park City Council checked its last three boxes regarding the preservation of Bonanza Flat. They finalized a land exchange agreement with the Girl Scouts of Utah; approved Utah Open Lands’ holding of the conservation easement; and approved the adaptable management plan for the area.


Utah Open Lands

Utah Open Lands Executive Director Wendy Fisher says 2019 started on a high note after the passage of the Treasure Hill/Armstrong Snow Ranch Pastures open space bond at the end of 2018. Utah Open Lands successfully raised the rest of the money to conserve Armstrong Snow Ranch Pastures with help from the community, the Armstrong family and additional funding from the Park City Council at the end of June.


Summit Land Conservancy / KPCW Radio

Dog waste management is a messy issue in Park City. It’s been a topic of rancor among residents without dogs and a learning curve for many who exercise them in the city’s open spaces.

A crowd of around 20 people attended the interested landowners meeting Wednesday evening. The meeting provided landowners in Wasatch County information about how they can preserve their land as open space in perpetuity through funding sources including the $10 million open space bond county residents passed in 2018.

The Kohler Dairy Farm is located on the northeastern end of Midway. Wasatch Back residents may be familiar with the Kohler family store Heber Valley Artisan Cheese. Now the dairy farm is partnering with Utah Open Lands to preserve 100 acres of their farm from development.

Utah Open Lands North Fields / Utah Open Lands

Both Midway and Wasatch County voted in favor of land preservation with the passage of two open space bonds, one $5 million, the other $10 million.

Utah Open Lands Executive Director, Wendy Fisher says for many landowners it is not feasible to put their property under a conservation easement.

Improvements To Bonanza Flat Area Continue This Summer

Jul 31, 2019
Utah Open Lands-Bonanza Flat / Utah Open Lands


Improvements to the Park City-owned Bonanza Flat are in full force this summer. 

KPCW-Bonanza Flat / KPCW


Summer work is underway in the Park City owned Bonanza Flat open space off the Guardsman Pass road. It’s going to improve recreational access for everyone. But winter at 9,000 feet elevation is altogether a different challenge.

Park City Trail Manager Heinrich Deters says the Guardsman Pass Road where it connects to Pine Canyon is nearly impossible to keep clear because the wind blows so hard, it fills in all the time.

Park City

Trail head construction is currently underway on the Guardsman Pass Road in Wasatch County. Bathrooms and established parking areas are part of the conservation work needed to make Bonanza Flat ecologically stable and more accessible for recreational use. KPCW has details about the new trail heads and which areas will allow dogs in Bonanza Flat.

Conservation Easements Benefit Communities

Jul 2, 2019
Summit Land Conservancy / Osguthorpe Farm

The Summit Land Conservancy celebrates the success of the land conservation agreement reached last weekend between Utah Open Lands and the Armstrong family.

The funding to preserve the 19-acre Snow Ranch Pastures came in with about a day to spare. It is successful closing triggered another land grant from long-time resident, Kerry Armstrong. Contingent on the closing of the Snow Ranch Pastures, she announced she would place a conservation easement on her 16-acre Red Barn parcel. Utah Open Lands.