Wasatch County

Heber, Midway and Wasatch County

Utah Department of Health

As Summit and Wasatch counties move to a lower-risk phase of COVID-19 response, the number of positive cases in Summit County appears to be levelling off, while Wasatch County's cases have gone up almost 10% in the past four days.

On Sunday, Summit County had 401 cases.  By Thursday, that number had gone up three to 404.  Wasatch County's cases, on the other hand, have gone up by twenty since Sunday, from 202 to 222.

Utah Department of Health

Wasatch County has been moved to the low risk, yellow phase effective immediately. 

Midway City

A ruling by a state utility board would have put an end to Midway’s bid to place transmission lines underground.  That movement is still alive as City council voted to ask for a stay on the ruling Tuesday evening.  

Heber City

Heber City Council approved the annexation of the Sorenson Property, meaning the incoming 5,700-unit development built over the course of 40 years will officially be a part of the city.  

Wasatch High School Graduation occurs Wednesday night. The event which will include a live stream and fireworks at dark.

Volt Citizens Group

70% of Midway residents polled wish to have new large transmission lines buried underground, and over half a million dollars have been raised to fund that effort. Despite that support, The lines could end up overhead due to high costs and a large power companies reported deadline.

Utah Department of Health

Sunday's COVID-19 update from the Utah Department of Health shows one more person in Summit County has been diagnosed with the disease, and two more cases have been confirmed in Wasatch County.

That brings Summit County's cases to 401 and Wasatch County's to 202. Each county had one more person hospitalized since Saturday, bringing the numbers to 36 hospitalizations for Summit County and ten hospitalizations in Wasatch County.

Utah Department of Health

Summit and Wasatch counties have reached new COVID-19 milestones according to new numbers released Saturday by the Utah Department of Health.

Summit County has 400 confirmed cases of the disease, up four from 396 Friday. Wasatch County has 200 confirmed cases, also up four from 196 Friday.

One more person has been hospitalized in Summit County, bringing the number to 35 overall who have been in the hospital since the pandemic began, while Wasatch County’s number of hospitalizations remained at nine.

Utah Department of Health

Utah Department of Health released new numbers Friday afternoon about COVID-19 in the state.

Eight more people have been diagnosed as COVID-19 positive in Wasatch County since Thursday, bringing their number of confirmed cases to 196. Nine people are currently hospitalized in Wasatch County.

Summit County has three more cases since Thursday, bringing their total number to 396 cases. 34 people are hospitalized in Summit County. There are 6,913 confirmed COVID-19 cases statewide, up 164 since Thursday.

Wasatch County

A Resort on the south side of Jordanelle featuring RV sites, glamping and cabins took one step closer to approval on Thursday. 

Heber City

Heber City Council will be voting on and likely approving a petition known as the Sorenson annexation at their Tuesday meeting. The agreement will double the size of Heber.

Heber City Mayor Kelleen Potter  (9:41)to talk about the Sorenson Annexation Heber City council will vote next Tuesday. Park City Councilmember Max Doilney (22:24) has a recap of last night's meeting and Park City Fire District Battalion Chief  Mike Owens (39:10) talks about the Blue Ribbon commission and upcoming wild fire season.

Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands

The Saddle Fire has burned 683 acres and is up to 70% contained.

Press Pool, Deseret News

Governor Herbert announced as part of Utah’s coronavirus response, much of the state will be moved to the low risk category on Saturday. The Wasatch Back is one of five areas in the state that will remain at moderate risk for at least for another week.