Leslie Thatcher

News Director

Tough but fair, Leslie is the woman most of Park City wakes up with every weekday morning.  Leslie has been at KPCW since 1990 and her years at KPCW have given her depth and insight, guiding her as she asks local leaders and citizens the questions on everyone’s minds during the live interviews of the Local News Hour.

As KPCW's News Director, she has the pulse of the community and an unmatched range of contacts that allows the station to cover everything going on in town, from increased school taxes and water rates to personal achievements and community-wide victories. When she's not sussing out the next story, you'll see her face at many Park City events, as well as on the ski hill and mountain trails.

In 2016, Leslie was honored as the Park City Rotary Club's Professional Citizen of the Year and served as Grand Marshall of the Miner Day parade.

The Park City Board of Realtors also honored Leslie with its 2018 Community Service Award for "asking the questions on everyone's mind."

Ways to Connect

On today's Local News Hour:

(10:52) - Kim Carson, retiring Summit County Council Member, has her final interview as county council member. 

(25:18) - Summit County Health Deptartment Derek Moss from the Health Dept and People's Health Clinic Executive Director Beth Armstrong have details about the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine in Summit County. 

(39:10) - Edustaff Raymond Massey II, National Development Team Director, talks about the new staffing contract to provide substitute teachers for PCSD.


Don Sargent served as Summit County’s community development and planning director for more than five years. He now operates his own development consulting company and was hired by the city of Coalville this year to oversee the Wohali development application that was recently approved by the city council.

U.S. Ski & Snowboard

Park City moguls skier Nick Page just returned from six weeks in Scandinavia and has logged an impressive start to his season.

At the World Cup opener in Ruka, Finland, earlier this month, Nick Page made it to the finals for the second time in his life and became the first American to throw a Cork 1440 in international competition. That trick entails a flip and four spins in it after racing down a steep hill with lots of bumps. He’s also working on a double – so that he’ll be ready when and if the trick becomes legal in international competition.

On today's Local News Hour:

(5:00) - Summit County Manager Tom Fisher has a look back at 2020 and what's ahead for 2021.

(21:52) - Don Sargent, private planner and Chairman of the East Side Planning Commission.

(37:36) - Save People Save Wildlife member Erin Ferguson talks about the success of the wildlife bridge that was installed in November of 2019 and the next efforts underway to fence areas along I-80 and the other hot spots in Summit and Wasatch Counties.

On today's Local News Hour:

( 4:36) U.S. Representative Blake Moore talks about the election and his plans for his first term taking over for retiring Representative Rob Bishop.

( 20:45) U.S. Ski and Snowboard Update with Communications Manager Lara Carlton and local freestyle skier Nick Page have an update.

( 30:21) Dr. Mairi Leining, Diabetes Program Medical Director and Internal Medicine Volunteer Physician at People’s Health Clinic has details on the effective Diabetes program that has been recognized by the  American Diabetes Association.

Ski Utah

For those looking for the best snow to ski and ride - they may want to know about a forecasting service that is very specific to certain terrain. OpenSnow.com fills that need, offering limited free access as well as a subscription service.

Evan Thayner studied meteorology in college – and before he heads up to ski, he spends his mornings studying the weather models, looking at a number of variables like temperature, elevation, and which way a storm is moving into Utah to prepare his forecast for opensnow.com

On today's Local News Hour:

( 00:32 ) New Deer Valley President and COO Jeremy Leavitt talks about his new job and where he takes it.

( 14:31) Local Author Maya Silver talks about on new guide book Moon Salt Lake, Park City & the Wasatch Range: Local Spots, Getaway Ideas, Hiking & Skiing (Travel Guide).

( 23:38) Open Snow Forecaster Evan Thayer talks about how this subscription service works and what they provide.

On today's Local News Hour:

( 00:24) U.S. Senator Mitt Romney prerecorded interview discussing COVID-19 relief, the Trump presidency and his unwillingness to concede the election. The interview covers a range of topics he has worked on in 2020. 

(14:32) Moe Hickey Voices for Utah Children CEO and Ciriac Alvarez talk about the December ruling with NY federal court ordering the Department of Homeland security to reinstate DACA.org 

Summit County Sheriff's Office

The staff of the Summit County Sherriff’s Office all received a nice holiday bonus – that wasn’t funded with taxpayer dollars.

Last week, a cardboard box filled with 120 envelopes each containing $50 was dropped off at the Summit County Sheriff’s Office with instructions to give each staff member one of them Before the deputy could ask for their name – they were gone.

Today on the Local News Hour:

(8:00) - Outgoing District 54 State Representative Tim Quinn reflects on his time in office.

(23:40) - US Ski and Snowboard Update with Communications Manager Lara Carlton. (34:41) - Synderville Basin Special Recreation District Director Dana Jones, and outgoing Interim Director Melissa O'Brien with a monthly update.  

Our website is managed by NPR, and there was an outage earlier when posting to our site. We apologize for the tardiness in posting yesterdays's Local News Hour. Thank you for your understanding.  

Today on the Local News Hour, Leslie is joined by Park City Community Foundation Executive Director Katie Wright has details about the $1 million in grants awarded to Summit County nonprofits for Covid-19 assistance. Then, Coalville Mayor Trever Johnson has an update on the Wohali subdivision which was unanimously approved at Monday's city council meeting. And lastly, Park City Historic Alliance Executive Director Alison Kuhlow with an update from Tuesday's board meeting.


The town of Hideout will vote on whether or not to continue the controversial annexation of land in Summit County on June 22nd of next year.

Hideout Mayor Phil Rubin has published a public letter asking residents to support the annexation and heal some of the divisions experienced over the summer while the annexation efforts were underway. The complete letter can be read below.

An Open Letter to the Hideout Community


Community –


Summit County Sheriff's Office

The Summit County Sheriff’s office is reporting the death of a 22 year old North Carolina man due to an accidental drowning. 

The accident occurred Monday night at the Westgate Hotel pool located in the Canyons Village. Summit County Sheriff Public Information Officer Andrew Wright says deputies responded to the 911 call at 9:45 p.m.

Today on the Local News Hour, Leslie is joined by Summit County Manager Tom Fisher with a look at tonight's county council meeting. Then, Park City Manager Matt Dias, and Deputy Manager David Everitt discuss the agenda of Thursday's city council. Then Recycle Utah's director Carolyn Wawra with a monthly update.

Today on the Local News Hour,  Utah Avalanche Center Forecaster Drew Hardesty with the day’s report, Wasatch Back Citizens Climate Lobby state intern Cecilia Foster, U.S. Ski and Snowboard Marketing and Communications Director Andrew Gauthier has this week’s update, including the first World Cup win by Park City native Rosie Brennen, and Park City Education Foundation Exectutive Director Abby McNulty has a monthly update.