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The Park City Planning Commission will consider amendments to the Land management Code that would make it easier to build small affordable housing developments --by allowing developers to build less parking and preserve less open space on site, than under the existing rules.

There’s no easy solution to providing affordable housing, according to Snyderville Planning Commisisoners Canice Harte and Thomas Cooke.

But they say all the stakeholders around the Basin are focused on the issue.  

As we’ve reported, local governments were required to submit a Moderate Income Housing Plan to the state by December 1st.    A plan prepared by Summit County’s Economic Development Department, was recommended last month by the Snyderville Commisison, and approved by the County Council.

Summit County

Holding a special session November 25th, the Summit County Council discussed their 2020 budget briefly, held a closed session, and acted to meet a state deadline.

And they spent time on the familiar topic of affordable housing.

The Council voted to officially approve a Moderate-Income Housing Plan, which has to be sent on to the state by December 1st.

Park City Municipal along with Mountainlands Community Housing is offering a class to educate residents and workers in the area about how to obtain affordable housing.

Park City Municipal Affordable Housing Project Manager Rhoda Stauffer explains the city and Mountainlands are providing the educational one-hour course to help community members navigate affordable housing.

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Members of the Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation, local government officials and Olympians celebrated the grand opening of the Residences at Utah Olympic Park Thursday, a new affordable housing facility for athletes and staff. 

Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation CEO Colin Hilton says, after a year of construction, he picked up the certificate of occupancy for the Residences at Utah Olympic Park at 5:05 p.m. last Friday. The building is already in use.

After a year of surveys, community conversations and analysis, the Park City Community Foundation has finished a community strategic social equity plan, which was presented to the Park City Council Thursday. 

Straw Bale Homes:The Solution To Affordable Housing?

Mar 5, 2019
Community Rebuilds

 Community Rebuilds is an innovative affordable housing program based in Moab. They partner low income wage earners living in the community with emerging professional builders who want to learn to build energy efficient houses.

Park City Board of Realtors

The median sales price for Park City real estate surpassed all historical price points ever and the 2018 dollar sales volume also broke all records. But the actual number of transactions was down compared to previous years.  Carolyn Murray has this:

Park City Board of Realtors President Sheila Hall has a goal this year to increase membership engagement with the board. She said Park City is not a volatile real estate market and homes remain affordable.

This Saturday, Mountain Life Church is hosting Mountainlands Community Housing for a seminar on affordable housing. The event is meant to educate those in need and those who can help.

Laura Behnke grew up in Park City and is now a realtor and the caregiving director at Mountain Life Church. Behnke says that both jobs fuel her interest in affordable housing.

The clock is running out for the remaining five residents at the Prospector Condos. Park City purchased the 23 affordable housing units in May and put those residents on notice - they would need to be out by October 31. Melissa Allison brings us the latest:

The applicants for the Kings Crown Development is scheduled to run through their plans for the required affordable housing component of their project at Thursday’s city council meeting. Melissa Allison has more:

Summit County

After some discussion on Wednesday, the Summit County Council decided to take an opportunity to acquire a unit in Bear Hollow. Council Member Roger Armstrong says maybe they can tighten up the one-time deed restrictions on the unit, to make it affordable housing again.

The council is looking at a unit at 5573 North Oslo Lane. 

Armstrong said that nearly 20 years ago, they set up dozens of residences at Bear Hollow to be affordable housing. But they haven't stayed that way.

The lottery held last September for affordable housing in Park City had 92 applicants for four different projects. Two of them were Park City Municipal's which had homes on both Park Ave. and on Prospector Ave. Eleven Central Park Condos were awarded to qualified participants with the first closing on Friday. Though the journey has been a bumpy one for both the city the potential new owners - Melissa Allison finds out, all’s well that ends well.

Summit County

The South Point development application in Browns Canyon was denied by the East Side Planning Commission and Summit County Council.  It was originally a part of the Promontory special planning area but has since spun off as its own development.  However, the affordable housing requirements from Promontory were somehow assigned to the South Point development in 2016.    Carolyn Murray has this:

A Seattle based firm has acquired the affordable housing units at Elk Meadows. What might this mean for affordable housing in Summit County? David Boyle has more: