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On today's Local News Hour:

( 3:12) Carolyn Murray's update on Park City's neighborhood traffic management program, the People First Streets Project.

(7:08) Summit County is providing a $100 vaccination bonus to its staff as Rick Brough reports.

( 9:43) Summit County Council Member Chris Robinson recaps Wednesday's meeting.

( 23:05 ) Jordan Moon on running across America

On today's Local News Hour:

( 02:58) Mountain Trails Foundation's weekly trails report with Lora Smith and Logan Rodriguez from PCFD.

( 11:28) High Valley Transit District Board member Chris Robinson has an udpate on the separation agreement between the county and Park City.

( 24:09) Park City Councilmember Tim Henney has a recap of last night's meeting.

( 40:02) Jessia Lowell reports on the upcoming Latino Arts Festival. 

(45:05) This weeks Friday Film Review 

Summit County

The Summit County Council will continue to work on revising the code for accessory buildings in the Snyderville Basin.


But on Wednesday, the council voted to change the moratorium that’s currently in place for those structures.


The council, by a 4 to 1 vote, changed its temporary zoning ordinance so it would exempt accessory structures of 5,000 square feet or less.


Councilor Chris Robinson noted that the moratorium was enacted in March and runs until September 10th.

Summit County

After months of discussion, the Summit County Council finally approved the proposed neighborhood mixed-use zone at its meeting on Wednesday.


The approval of the new zone occurred relatively quickly in the middle of the council’s long, busy agenda. The vote was 4 to 1 with a dissenting vote from Roger Armstrong.


The council also approved a master-planned development process to implement the zone.


On today's Local News Hour:

( 04:14) Update from Wednesday's  groundbreaking of the first piece of Mayflower Mountain Resort.

( 07:58) Summit County Council Member Chris Robinson recaps Wednesday's meeting.

( 24:5) Assistant General Manager and COO of the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District Darren Hess talks about the drought and how it's impacting water sources to Summit County and the recreation at local reservoirs.

(36:03 ) Youth Sports Alliance Executive Director Emily Fisher has more on after-school programming.

( 41:37) Rick Brough reports on how cyber attacks are being addressed in  Summit County

( 42:25) Michelle Deininger's story about how Heber grieves, friends remember teens and mother killed in crash on Highway 189 late Monday afternoon. 

( 46:25) Carolyn Murray with an update on Wasatch County as a second amendment Sanctuary county.

Summit County

The Summit County Council continues to deliberate passing a new ordinance governing accessory buildings.


But on Wednesday, the councilors informally agreed to modify the six-month moratorium they’ve placed on the buildings so that some smaller-scale applications can proceed.


The council approved a temporary zoning ordinance (TZO) in March to block any applications for accessory structures. But the council has heard from citizens fretting that they will lose any chance to put up a side building this year.

Summit County

Summit County Councilors say that they will resume deliberation on a proposed ordinance governing campgrounds and seasonal RV use at their June 30 meeting.


A hearing on May 26 brought out a lot of criticism, but several councilors say they believe that a problem exists and that they have to respond.


Summit County

Following a contentious history over the past few months, the proposed Whileaway Ranch Indoor Riding Arena and Horse Boarding Facility in lower Silver Creek has been approved by the Summit County Council in a 3-1 vote, overriding an earlier denial by the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission.


Council chair Glenn Wright and councilors Chris Robinson and Malena Stevens voted in support of the appeal. The dissenting vote came from Roger Armstrong while Doug Clyde abstained.


Summit County

The proposed amendments to the Snyderville Code governing accessory buildings will return to the Summit County Council in the near future. 

The council didn’t make a decision at its meeting last week on Wednesday, March 31, and asked staff for further information. The hearing brought out opinions on both sides about whether the changes would harm the equestrian character of Silver Creek.


Summit County Council Member Chris Robinson agrees with his colleagues about not implementing a limited mask order, after the state mandate expires on Saturday, April 10.


But despite some heated comments directed at the council last Wednesday, Robinson still says the county needs to encourage masking up, including with private businesses, and continue vaccinations so even private mask requirements can be lifted in the future.


On today's Local News Hour:

( 00:02) Utah Avalanche Forecast Center report.

( 01:09) Mask mandate addressed in last nights Summit County Council meeting as Rick Brough reports.

( 04:56) Summit County Council Member Chris Robinson recaps Wednesday's meeting.

( 22:00) Amy Hunt Chief Academic Officer of the PCSD talks about the achievement gap and how the funds coming from the American Rescue Plan will help address kids who need extra support getting caught up since COVID.

Summit County

The Snyderville Basin Transit District Board held its first meeting on Feb. 18. Board member Joe Spink says they’re working towards a deadline, in four and a half months, to transition to being an independent district.


The county’s transit district will be splitting off from Park City Transit to become its own entity by July 1.


The new board includes three Summit County Councilors—Roger Armstrong, Doug Clyde and Chris Robinson. The two at-large members are Spink and former Councilor Kim Carson.

Today on the Local News Hour:

(02:32) - Avalanche Forecast Center Report

(05:38) - Summit County Council Member Chris Robinson recaps Wednesday's meeting.

(20:41) - Heber City Council member Mike Johnston discusses his recent presentation regarding the North Village Overlay Zone.

(37:35) - Charlie Sturgis on his departure from the Executive Director role at Mountain Trails Foundation.


Summit County

It looks like the Summit County Council will be busy over the next several weeks with the Dakota Pacific project at Kimball Junction. They will be taking a deep dive into the major items involved in a revised development agreement for the property.


However, Councilor Chris Robinson recused himself from the Dakota discussion over three months ago. But during Wednesday’s Council session, his colleagues said he should be part of their decision.