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A blue and white van with a picture of a moose on the side; the van services people with disabilities and seniors
Park City Municipal Corporation

The Park City Council recently approved the purchase of three replacement vehicles for disability and senior transportation services. Although the vans support Park City’s social equity and transportation goals, city officials viewed the purchase in conflict with a different community critical priority: energy.

On today’s program, Kelly Pawlak, President and CEO of National Ski Areas Association who was the Keynote Speaker at last week’s Chamber Fall Tourism event. Interim Park City Manager Matt Dias and Sustainability Manager Luke Cartin have a preview of the agenda for Thursday's city council meeting. Park City Community Foundation Impact Director Ollie Wilder has details on how to apply for grant money from the new Park City Climate Fund.

Park City sustainability Manager Luke Cartin has an update on the Mountain Town 2030 Net zero Conference that runs Wednesday through Friday. Midway Mayor Celeste Johnson talks about the city council meeting Tuesday and the efforts underway by the open space committee to preserve several parcels of land. Ginger Wicks, President of the Park City Restaurant Association has details about the Dine About event running August 6 to the 20th.

During the first segment of the show, Luke Cartin, Park City Municipal Sustainability, joined Chris and Nell to share the developing details on an upcoming Park City event, the Mountain Towns 2030 Conference.  Among other opportunities, locals will  be invited to purchase tickets to a presentation by Jane Goodall.  

Mountain Towns 2030

Park City is set to host the Mountain Towns 2030 Net Zero Summit in October with some 40 mountain towns attending.

This three-day event  is being planned by Park City’s Sustainability Team. Team Manager Luke Cartin has invited  mayors and officials from several large and small mountain communities along with business leaders and other who are committed to bold climate action. He’s hopeful,his informal group will share their successes and look for future collaborations.

On today’s program, a final look back with Travis English, outgoing Summit County Fair manager. He is being replaced by Tyler Orgill. Park City Manager Diane Foster, Economic Development Manager Jonathan Weidenhamer and Sustainability Manager Luke Cartin have a preview of the agenda for Thursday's city council meeting. Summit County Sustainability Manager Lisa Yoder has details about the new electric vehicle charging station network and Laura Diaz Moore tells her story about her decision to donate a kidney to a complete stranger.

Local News Hour - April 17, 2019

Apr 17, 2019

On today’s program, Park City School District School Board Member Erin Grady and Business Administrator Todd Hauber discuss some of the issues from Tuesday’s board meeting, including the education options presented from the consultants following a 7-month master planning effort. Park City Manager Diane Foster, Planning Director Bruce Erickson and Sustainability Manager Luke Cartin have a preview of the agenda for Thursday's city council meeting and Utah Foundation Researcher Shawn Tiegen talks about on the report he authored on Utah Teacher salaries.

During the second half of the show, Nell and Chris spoke with Luke Cartin with Park City Sustainability Department.  Luke gave an in-depth review of House Bill 411, a bill that enables communities to go 100% renewable by 2030, and is the first of its kind in the Nation. Luke also covered other sustainability related legislation related to plastic bag bans, idling, and air quality.    

On today’s program, Summit County Assistant Manager Janna Young has a legislative recap. Park City Special Counsel Margaret Plane talks about her background in social equity and why she joined Park City's legal team and Park City Sustainability Manager Luke Cartin explains the Community Renewable Energy Act that Park City and Summit County helped draft - and  pass - this legislative session.

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Park City Municipal

Park City continues working towards its goal of being net-zero energy by 2030. The City’s sustainability staff presented some strategies for getting there at the City Council retreat Thursday. 

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Park City Municipal

The Park City Council has announced it wants to hit its carbon neutral target by 2030. It’s been shortened by a couple of years. A few events such as the Olympics and recent climate reports have prompted the City Council to move their deadline up.  Carolyn Murray has this:

Park City Municipal announced that an RFP is going out for contracts to build a renewable power plant. Park City has a goal to be operationally carbon neutral by 2022. This project will help meet the deadline. Carolyn Murray has this:

Park City will partner with Salt Lake City, Summit County, Deer Valley Resort, Park City Mountain Resort and Utah Valley University. Sustainability Director, Luke Cartin said building the energy facility in Utah is good for the economy providing jobs and a tax base.

On today’s program, Park City Sustainability Manager Luke Cartin discuss Park City's accelerated carbon neutral goal. Sundance Institute Managing Director Betsy Wallace explains the new procedure for securing Townie Tuesday and Best of Fest tickets for the 2019 Sundance Film Festival and Summit County Health Director Rich Bullough discusses how his department is dealing with the requirements of the new compromise bill legalizing medical marijuana.

State representatives on the Public Utilities, Energy, and Technology Interim Committee heard from local representatives and Rocky Mountain Power about efforts to provide municipalities with renewable energy options.

The meeting, held at the capitol building, addressed efforts to provide options for those communities interested in investing in renewable energy.

Local representatives and Rocky Mountain Power appealed to the committee to change regulations to allow the agreement to move forward. Park City Regional Environmental Sustainability Manager Luke Cartin explains.

In this segment of the program, Luke Cartin with Park City Municipal and Chad Ambrose with Rocky Mountain Power talk about a joint venture they are involved with, one which provides LED lighting systems to local businesses.