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KPCW is pleased to welcome a new member of the Friday Film review crew. For her debut, Wendy Gourley is stepping out of her comfort zone and taking a look at the new horror film, "The Curse of La Llorona"

I admit I’m not a big fan of horror movies, so you might wonder why I chose “The Curse of La Llorona” for my first Friday Film Review. I owe it all to La Llorona herself and my fascination with folklore.

Friday Film Review - "Transit"

Apr 26, 2019

Not even a road map will help viewers of the foreign film “Transit” on their trip.

German writer and director Christian Petzold, most recently known for the 2014 Holocaust film, “Phoenix”, has a new film, “Transit”, which continues his look at the Third Reich.

Friday Film Review - "The Beach Bum"

Apr 19, 2019

A mash up of infamous movie characters Spicoli and The Dude, Matthew McConaughey is Moondog in Harmony Korine’s new comedy “The Beach Bum”.

Casting Matthew McConaughey as an aging beach bum/beat poet isn’t too much of a stretch, but in Harmony Korine’s new comedy “The Beach Bum” McConaughey is so convincing as the stoner poet Moondog, he’s almost unrecognizable.

There's a new version of "Pet Sematery" the classic Stephen King novel about a cursed burial ground, an undead cat, and Family Values gone very wrong.

This new version of the Stephen King novel “Pet Sematery” highlights one of its most famous lines— “Sometimes, dead is better.”

That could also refer to Hollywood’s dismal history in the past 15 years, of again and again, going back to some classic from the Eighties, and coming up with a lame replica.

This newest effort, at least, may catch you off guard—but to what end?

Friday Film Review - "Us"

Apr 8, 2019

Director Jordan Peele returns to theaters with “Us”, the follow-up to his debut 2017 American horror film “Get Out”. Is his sophomore effort equally as frightening?

Are you ready to believe—again—that an elephant can fly? A new version of “Dumbo” is hitting theaters, nearly 80 years after the original. It’s likable, but it also comes from that new Disney attraction—Remake Mountain.

Director Tim Burton, who began his career working for the Disney Studios, is now helming this new version of their 1941 classic “Dumbo.”

Burton doesn’t always succeed at re-makes. But he’s comfortable recreating America in 1919, when fleabag circuses rattled around on the rails from one mid-sized city and hamlet to another.

Friday Film Review - "Apollo 11"

Mar 22, 2019

One small step for Man—one giant leap for the Friday Film Review? Well, you’ll have to decide about that.

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins’ Apollo 11 flight and the first landing on the moon, director Todd Douglas Miller brings us his incredible documentary, “Apollo 11”.

Friday Film Review - "Captain Marvel"

Mar 15, 2019

Don’t let any Marvel Comic fatigue scare you off from seeing “Captain Marvel” Plus, there’s a cat too!

The new thriller from Liam Neeson has drugs, violence, quirky characters and a ski town. But it’s also a story we’ve seen before.

This is a slow time of year for movies. But there’s one thing you can count on—another appearance by Liam Neeson—Hollywood’s favorite late-middle-age action hero.

On today’s #The Sundance Reel, Leslie Thatcher and Co-host Mark Harrington speak to Samantha Buck and Marie Schlingmann , the directors of the film,  Sister Aimee, who discuss their mostly made up film about  America’s most famous evangelist from the 1920’s. 

On today’s #The Sundance Reel, Leslie Thatcher and Co-host Mark Harrington speak to  Alex Lahmann about the world premier of his film  Paddleton, about the friendship between two misfit neighbors.

On today’s #The Sundance Reel, Leslie Thatcher and Co-host Mark Harrington speak to Salt Lake Tribune Film Critic Sean Means.

The Sundance Reel - January 31, 2019 Pahoke

Jan 31, 2019

On Today's #TheSundanceReel, directors Ivete Lucas and Patric Bresnan talk about thier fim, Pahokee, one of  16 films in the U.S. documentary competition.

On Today's #TheSundanceReel, Director Jacqueline Olive talks about her film, Always in Season.

On Today's #TheSundanceReel, director Stieg Larsson talks about his documentary, The Man Who Played With Fire.