Heber City

Caring Community Coalition

A nonprofit in the Heber Valley wants families to come have a free meal and take one to go to start the next week.


The Caring Community Coalition is observing National Family Meals Month by hosting its annual Family Dinner in the Park Monday.

It’s a drive-through event this year and will be held at Southfield Park, at 415 Southfield Road. It’s happening from 5:30 to 7 p.m.

Heber City

Heber City residents will stop receiving irrigation water around the end of the month.



Heber City Public Works director Matthew Kennard told KPCW that the decision to cut off water was made by the Central Utah Project, the company that controls water flow to Heber City.

Irrigation water is used for lawns and pastures.

Sunday, September 26 is the final day water will be available for flood irrigation. That’s the type of watering in large fields with water flowing down trenches to reach crops.

Heber City

At its Tuesday meeting, Heber City approved a new city engineer and a new contract for its city manager of three years.

  Heber City manager Matt Brower started working for the city in 2018, early in Mayor Potter’s current term. She says she appreciates the expertise he’s brought to the table.

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Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce

Heber City will hire a lobbyist in hopes of securing a larger chunk of federal stimulus money than the $1.9 million it’s already received.



In a meeting in mid-August, Heber City Council approved spending $100,000 on a contract. Heber City manager Matt Brower said he sees this year as a rare opportunity to get a big financial boost as the city launches some big-ticket projects. He hopes the lobbyist can help bring in a seven-figure grant for upcoming projects.

Ron Winterton

Four Utah lawmakers attended a town hall meeting in Heber City with city officials and residents Thursday.

They talked about stimulus money from the federal government, impacts of growth at the local level and other topics.

Heber City manager Matt Brower used the town hall as an opportunity to ask legislators how $615 million Utah will receive from the American Rescue Plan Act will be allocated.

Senator Ron Winterton, representing Utah’s 26th district, said about 1/3 of the money has been allocated, and much of it will go to water and education grants.

Rocky Mountain Middle School

Rocky Mountain Middle School’s new principal Brian Thorne says he’s right where he wants to be, and he’s most at home with the middle school level.

Principal Brian Thorne was on a path to go to law school in college at BYU. He changed his course after helping bring resources to a community in Mexico to build a school.

Deer Creek State Park

Heber Valley nonprofits and religious groups are organizing service projects in commemoration of 9/11.

To add to what’s already been planned, they’re looking to bring in more volunteers and project leaders with ideas.

Service projects that are already set to happen include a Deer Creek clean-up, collections of produce for neighbors struggling with food security, and beautification efforts in Heber, Midway and elsewhere.

United States Congress

Senator Mitt Romney will visit Heber City this week to speak to business owners in a private event.

  He will hold a discussion with business leaders Friday at the Wasatch County Senior Center to talk about the new infrastructure bill just passed by Congress. The Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce will host the event.

Eight people will be on the ballot for Heber City Council in November.

Two city council seats are up for election. Wayne Hardman filed for re-election first, and seven newcomers followed. Heidi Franco, whose term is ending, is running for mayor instead of re-election to the council.

KPCW spent some time getting to know the hopefuls in this crowded field.

Storms with surging wind gusts and heavy rain hit Summit and Wasatch counties Saturday night. While the wind speeds and rain amounts were impressive, the reported impact was minimal.

The National Weather Service warned a storm Saturday would bring “very heavy rainfall and strong wind gusts.” It warned they could cause damage and floods, but the two counties’ sheriffs’ offices said they hadn’t gotten any such reports.

Homes in the Interlaken area of Midway lost power in Saturday’s storm. Heber Light & Power announced the outage was restored later in the evening.

Wasatch High School

Though he’s just starting his first year as principal of Wasatch High School, Justin Kelly will be a familiar face to many.



  Principal Kelly knows from once being a student there himself that the school, which serves 2,600 students, is a place filled with opportunities. 

He has a mantra for his administration’s approach to the student experience: “Harvard education, Army discipline and Disneyland fun.”

Heber City voters will have choices in November. After the filing period ended Tuesday, there were three candidates for mayor and eight for city council in the general election. 

In addition to incumbent mayor Kelleen Potter and incumbent Councilman Wayne Hardman seeking re-election, Councilwoman Heidi Franco is running for mayor, one new face will be on the ballot for mayor, and seven candidates are running for two open seats on the city council.

Heber City

On Wednesday, Heber City voted to increase property taxes by about 10%. The vote was split 3-2 among council members.


The hike in Heber property taxes is for homes and businesses, and is the first increase since 2014. This one will go into effect starting with November bills.

Councilors Mike Johnston, Ryan Stack and Wayne Hardman voted for the increase. Rachel Kahler and Heidi Franco voted against it.

Wayne Hardman

On Thursday, Heber City Councilman Wayne Hardman filed for reelection. As he tells KPCW’s Ben Lasseter, he considers himself a candidate to represent the interests of concerned local citizens.

Heber City will hold elections for two open council seats in November for the term beginning in 2022. On Thursday, sitting Councilman Wayne Hardman became the first to file for one of them.

He says his motivation is to fulfill a civic duty.