Mountainlands Community Housing Trust

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( 02:34) Retired Ex. Director of Mountainlands Community Housing Trust, Scott Loomis, has a park named in his honor.

( 05:18) Park City Municipal Project Manager of the proposed Toxic Soils Repository Jonathan Weidenhamer has details about tomorrow's community outreach panel.

( 23:37) Voices For Utah Children Ex. Director Moe Hickey and Kids Count Data Analyst Martin Munoz talk about the recent release of a Casey Foundation study showing drastic negative impacts COVID has caused for the welfare and well-being of children in Utah.

( 39:23) Hideout Town annexation ruling due today was rescheduled until tomorrow at 4:30pm. 

( 40:13) Snyderville Basin Recreation Director Dana Jones has a monthly update including plans for getting trail users to the trailheads without their cars.

Leslie Thatcher

Scott Loomis was hired as Executive Director of Mountainlands Community Housing Trust in 2001. 20 years later, he’s retired. His staff hosted a small retirement party in his honor Friday at Silver Creek Village, where they unveiled the sign for one of the development’s completed parks: Loomis Park.


Mountainlands Community Housing Trust

Retiring after 20 years as Director of Mountainlands Community Housing Trust, Scott Loomis says he’s proud of their accomplishments in providing affordable housing.    But the job has also been extremely challenging.   

Loomis told KPCW that, at 72 years of age, he decided it was time to step down.     And he is leaving behind a capable staff at Mountainlands, including new Executive Director Pat Matheson and Managing Director Steve Lawrence.

Officially, his retirement occurs on April 30th, which by coincidence is exactly 20 years since he took on the job.

On today's Local News Hour:

( 00:02) Greg Gagne has today’s Utah Avalanche Forecast Center Report.

(06:54 ) Park City Councilmember Tim Henney recaps Thursday night's meeting.

( 22:35) Wasatch County Manager Mike Davis has an update on the opening of  the Jordanelle Parkway and vaccination rollout.

( 37:18) Retiring Executive Director  of the Mountainlands Community Housing Trust Scott Loomis talks about his accomplishments over the last two decades and what's next for the Trust.

Park City Chamber Bureau President and CEO Bill Malone (07:29) has details on a recent survey as well as a look at the opening of the summer season and next winter's ski season. Park City Affordable Housing Manager Jason Glidden (25:21) talks about the city's various affordable housing projects in the pipeline. Mountainlands Community Housing Trust Executive Director Scott Loomis (36:12) has an update on the availability of for-sale condos at Silver Creek Village as well as how they're helping many of their apartment tenants who are out of work.

Mountainlands Community Housing Trust

A local nonprofits effort to bring more affordable housing to Summit County will soon be complete with 64 new condos but time is running out for those interested in buying these units.

Deer Valley Resort

International students on J-1 visas fill one in six seasonal jobs in Summit County’s local service and hospitality industries. A task force is still working to fill the need for housing student workers this upcoming season.

Pete Stoughton, director of programming at the Christian Center of Park City, says the International Student Housing Task Force was born out of need.

KPCW Radio

Two dozen people interested in affordable housing in the Park City area attended an orientation hosted by Park City Municipal and Mountainlands Community Housing Trust Tuesday. 

Trish Walker moved to Park City in 2001 and now finds she has a need for a more reasonably priced living situation.

"This just all came on my horizon right now," Walker said. "I'm a single mom now. I used to own real estate in Park City, but that kind of went to the wayside, and I'm tired of paying the high rents. I can't right now, and so this program really interests me."

Part One of The Project for Deeper Understanding's panel disscussion about the relationship between wages and living expenses in Park City. Moderator Scott Loomis, Executive Director of Mountainlands Community Housing Trust facilitates this discussion between panelists: Dr.Peter Phillips Ph.D.,Economics Department at the Univesity of Utah, Executive Director Deanna Rhodes from CONNECT Summit County, Local Restuarant Manager Ivonne Timar-Whimpy, Stephen Pettise, Restaurant Business Expert, Tony Tyler, Developer & Jeff Worthington, President of Utah AFL-CIO.

The current government shutdown has evoked images of overflowing trash cans at national parks and long security lines at airports, but how is federal inaction affecting local nonprofit organizations? KPCW’s Emily Means has more.

Mountainlands Community Housing Trust

Mountainlands Community Housing is getting closer and closer to completing their new development, this despite challenges from increasing construction costs.

Steve Laurent with Mountainlands Community Housing says that in a place like Park City oftentimes the term affordable is relative.

Mountainlands Community Housing Trust

  A crowd that included leaders from Park City, Summit County and the local business community gathered this weekend to salute the 25th anniversary of Mountainlands Community Housing Trust.

The hostess for the gathering, KPCW's own Leslie Thatcher, reviewed some of the numbers for the organization.

Summit County

As part of their agenda on Wednesday, the Summit County Council will consider their options to acquire a unit in Bear Hollow--in order to preserve it as Affordable Housing.

The council meets at the Coalville Courthouse and shortly before 4:00 pm, they will discuss the Right of First Refusal they have to acquire a unit on Oslo Lane.

County manager Tom Fisher explained the county had aimed to generate housing with deed restrictions.

Southfield Station Heber Essential Worker Housing

Mountainlands Community Housing Trust celebrates 25 years of building affordable housing in Summit and Wasatch Counties. They have a few developments in Wasatch County, a project in the town of Francis in Summit County and agreements for a project in Silver Creek. Carolyn Murray has this:

Scott Loomis has been the Director of the Mountainlands Community Housing Trust since 2001.  They’ve built over 200 homes and about 250 apartments since he’s been there.  

A Seattle based firm has acquired the affordable housing units at Elk Meadows. What might this mean for affordable housing in Summit County? David Boyle has more: