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 A moose was rescued after a passerby discovered it in a building foundation hole in the Summit Park neighborhood on Tuesday.  First responders and DWR biologists, with the help of a Summit Park resident, were able to safely extract the moose from the hole, leaving the animal to rest under a tree nearby before wandering into another neighbor’s yard to continue foraging.

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People are isolated, home from work and school and using the outdoors as an escape from the drudgery of the Stay-At-Home order. Utah’s wildlife is in a tenuous spot this time of the year and it’s important for people to stay away from wildlife management areas or face citations.

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Two Park City locals have organized a Go Fund Me page that is accumulating thousands of dollars which will be used as reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of those responsible for killing five to six bull elk in the hills above Bitner Road.

KPCW reported last week that at least five of the elk were killed with a 22-caliber bullet. Wildlife officials say using this type of weapon would have caused a slow, tortuous death for the animals. DWR officials have not confirmed the cause of death of the sixth bull elk.

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Six dead elk were discovered in the Snyderville Basin area near Bitner Road. Most of the elk were found by a Division of Wildlife Resources Officer while making a routine trip to observe the herd.

Utah DWR Conservation Officer Jonathan Moser says five of the six dead elk appear to have been shot by a 22-caliber bullet. He says it is an inappropriate weapon to use on an animal the size of an elk and it results in a long, painful death.

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Summit County’s District 53 Representative Logan Wilde is sponsoring a House Continuing Resolution to prevent the introduction of wolves into the state of Utah.

Republican Representative Logan Wilde sits on the House Natural Resource committee and introduced the continuing resolution bill 19 to assert a position statement opposing the reintroduction of wolves to Utah.

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The House Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment Committee held a hearing on Friday morning adopting a resolution to protect and restore wildlife corridors in Utah. The resolution is sponsored by House Republican Mike Schultz from Hooper. A Park City local on the board of Save People Save Wildlife gave her testimony at the hearing.

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House Bill 228 is one of two predator wildlife management bill which is winding its way through the legislature. It passed out of committee this week and awaits scheduling on the house floor.

House Bill 228 sponsored by Republican Casey Snider from Paradise takes an existing rule and codifies it into law allowing livestock growers and designees to kill predator species on public land. Snider did not respond to KPCW in time for this story.

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House Bill 125 is one of the  predator wildlife management bills  moving through this year’s legislative agenda. House Bill 125 expands the use of hunting predators to manage ungulate herds such as elk and deer.

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Those looking to collect antler sheds from now until mid-April are required to complete a certificate from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

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House Republican Carl Albrecht from Richfield is sponsoring a predator bill this legislative session. It would require Division of Wildlife Resources to cull through hunting permits, certain predators if large game numbers are lower than the DWR established herd sizes.

Two elk inside a window well near outside a park city home

Division of Wildlife Resource officers had to remove two elk from a window well in Park City Friday morning.

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The Park City based non-profit Save People Save Wildlife-SPSW organization meets with the Utah Department of Transportation, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, Park City and Summit County officials on Wednesday to talk about ways to address the dangerous frequency of the SR 224 wildlife/vehicle collisions on the stretch adjacent to the McPolin Farm.

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Living in the Wasatch back means sharing the landscape and roads with wildlife. A recent study found Park City and Heber have five of the top 10 hot spots for wildlife collisions. 

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The two-mile stretch on SR 224 by the White Barn is the 5th worst spot for vehicle/wildlife collisions in the state of Utah. With an elk herd that winters between the McPolin Farm and Round Valley, it’s an especially dangerous area this time of year.

KPCW has a story of how a couple of residents made certain Tuesday morning would be a safe crossing for the herd and motorists.

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A recently completed wildlife crash study shows Summit and Wasatch Counties represent half of the top 10 hot spots in the state.

In August of 2018, the Utah Department of Transportation contracted with independent researcher Dr. Patricia Cramer who is a wildlife ecologist with expertise in transportation ecology. The scope of the study was to evaluate areas of conflict between wildlife and roadways. Her data shows the following areas are the top 5 most frequent conflicts with wildlife:

-US-40 north of Heber

-US 189 near Deer Creek State Park