On today’s program, Executive Director of the Utah Debate Commission Nena Slighting talks about the organization and the results of the polling held in late August to determine which candidates qualify for the scheduled state-wide debates. Park City Manager Diane Foster and Economic Development Manager Jonathan Weidenhamer have a preview of the agenda for Thursday's city council meeting. Communities That Care Coordinator Mary Christa Smith has details on next week’s event, “Raising Resilient Children,” featuring Dr.

  Emma Garrard, nordic coach for the Park City Ski and Snowboard Nordic team, joins the show to encourage juniors from 9-15 to join the junior division of the REd Bull 400, in a smaller endeavor called the Park City 200. Participants will climb up the K60 jump on Friday evening to raise money for the PCSS Nordic team and to have fun doing it. 

Dr. Brad Reedy, co-founder of Evoke Therapy Programs, author of The Journey of the Heroic Parent, and nationally recognized expert on raising resilient children amidst today’s societal challenges. Dr Reedy speaks on Monday, September 17, from 6-8pm at the Blair Education Center of the Park City Hospital. The title of the talk is: Raising Resilient Children Amidst Today's Societal Challenges. 

We’re joined by author Linda Kay Klein for an exploration of the religious purity culture presented in her book Pure: Inside the Evangelical Movement That Shamed a Generation of Young Women and How I Broke Free.

Summit County

  Summit County is still pursuing the acquisition of the Florence Gillmor parcel. County manager Tom Fisher says it’s a slow process with environmental implication, since the property is in the Lower Silver Creek watershed, overseen by the EPA.

Fisher told KPCW that the county hasn’t closed on the property yet.

Town of Jackson, Wyoming

The City tour group which traveled to Jackson Hole last week heard about some of that town's transit solutions--including a long-range transit shuttle, and a bike-share system.

Many of Jackson's employees travel a long distance to work. Transit director Darren Brugman said to cut down on commuter traffic, the city responded with a bus service that picks up workers as much as 50 miles south of town, in the locale of Etna.

There are some workers driving to that depot, from 20 miles further south, in Afton, Wyoming.

Town of Jackson, Wyoming

Jackson Hole, which was visited by the City Tour group last week, is similar to Park City, since it also has a housing problem and a large Hispanic work population.

The town's Director of Affordable Housing, April Norton, talked about their proposed solutions, a protest at the Town Hall, and some bad close encounters with ICE.

Norton said Jackson has to reach out and provide services to a growing non-white population.

Summit County

  For the Summit County Council's regular session on Wednesday, their major items are a proposed to better manage the national forests, and maybe the Council's decision on a development controversy in NewPark.

The Council meets at the Coalville Courthouse. Shortly, before 4:00 pm, they will discuss whether they want to join a petition to the U.S. Forest Service to modify a Roadless Area Rule that the federal government set in 2001. The governor's office has submitted the item to several counties.

Planned Parenthood Association of Utah (PPAU) is bringing a new teen program to Park City on September 15. It addresses research that shows high rates of teen pregnancy and STD’s in LGBTQ youth. Sex Education in the schools and communities does not include this group of young people. PPAU has a new curriculum to address the disparity. Carolyn Murray has this:

Melissa Allison

Artist Emily Herr was awarded the $40,000 public art contract with Park City to create four murals in the China Bridge parking. Only a few members of the public showed on Saturday to help paint the mural. Even so, things went faster than anticipated. Melissa Allison tells us its not too late to get involved: