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Known for getting all the facts right, as well as his distinctive sign-off, Rick covers Summit County meetings and issues. KPCW snagged him from The Park Record in the '80s, and he's been on air and covering the entire county ever since. He produces the Week In Review podcast, as well a heads the Friday Film Review team.

Rick is also a pop-culture savant (who would bury you in Trivial Pursuit), which makes him the perfect host for KPCW's weekend interview show of filmmakers, actors and critics during the Sundance Film Festival. Revealing his darker side, you can catch him every Friday afternoon with Randy Barton on The Local View discussing which celebrities passed on that week.

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Park City Fire District

A small patch of burnt brush near Quinn’s Junction is an indication of a fire that was quickly addressed on Friday night by the Park City Fire District.

The fire was near Highway 40, at the off-ramp going down to Highway 248. Park City Battalion Chief Steve Zwirn said at about 7:00 pm, a malfunctioning power pole dropped some material that started the blaze.

He said fortunately there was no wind. Within a few minutes enginges cam from Station 37 at Promontory and Station 31 at Holiday Ranch Loop Road.

The real estate report for the second quarter of 2018 showed some strong indicators for single-family homes, for the Snyderville Basin, and for Wasatch County. 

The President of the Park City Board of Realtors, Todd Anderson, said that sales activity has been steady, despite a lack of inventory.

“Once again we’re still seeing prices rising. we’re still seeing the levels of sales rising at the same time and not so much that it’s pushing prices to unreasonable increases”

He said that the prices for single-family homes have increased by six percent, year after year.

Summit County Sheriff's Office

  A Snyderville Basin resident, who was arrested last year  on several charges for allegedly victimizing his girlfriend, came to Third District Court last week for sentencing. The ultimate outcome was that 48-year-old Jason Stone pled Guilty to two lesser charges.   He was sentenced to three years of supervised probation. Rick Brough has more. Under the sentence handed down from Judge Patrick Corum July 30th, Stone received no additional time behind bars.

Summit County

After some discussion on Wednesday, the Summit County Council decided to take an opportunity to acquire a unit in Bear Hollow. Council Member Roger Armstrong says maybe they can tighten up the one-time deed restrictions on the unit, to make it affordable housing again.

The council is looking at a unit at 5573 North Oslo Lane. 

Armstrong said that nearly 20 years ago, they set up dozens of residences at Bear Hollow to be affordable housing. But they haven't stayed that way.

Summit County Sheriff Justin Martinez offered some details last week about how the Tollgate Fire started. And during his regular visit to KPCW, he had some tips about fires—since we still have several weeks left in the summer season.

Sheriff Martinez appeared last week on the Local View, speaking to host Chandler Montgomery.

Tollgate was reported as a vehicle-caused fire. The Sheriff discussed what happened.

Summit County deputies arrested a Utah man last week who was preying on automobiles--and also golf carts.

Charging documents in Third District Court identify the suspect a 46-year-old Dennis Mark Christensen, a resident of Brigham City.

The filing, and also an incident report, says that last Tuesday, the 7th, the suspect took a golf cart at the Jeremy golf course and drove it around, then was stopped by an employee from taking another cart.

He was observed looking into people's belongings, in both cars and golf carts.

Hy Saunders, known for 40 years in the Snyderville Basin as the founder and operator of the Summit Water Company has died. He was 79. 

Saunders' obituary, published this past weekend, noted he was a life-long Utah resident. He attended East High, was a champion tennis player at the University of Utah, and earned business degrees from the U and NYU.

Saunders set up the Saunders Land Investment Corporation. According to his obituary, Summit Water, founded four decades ago, now serves 6,000 residental and business customers "without using a penny of taxpayer money."

Summit County

After a lengthy discussion on Wednesday, Summit County Council members are still deliberating the issue over an appeal of the Commons at Newpark development.

The developers from the Crandall family have proposed a four-story seven-townhome project near the Newpark amphitheater, which appellants claim the proposal doesn’t conform with Town Center principles.

Council member Roger Armstrong said a decision can be difficult when the issue is based on a particular Development Agreement, not a zone. He said they’re looking for more information and analysis.

Utah Division Of Forestry Fire State Lands

Wasatch County is recovering from the massive Dollar Ridge fire which began last month near the Strawberry Reservoir.

The county's Fire Chief, Ernie Giles, said in his 30 years on the job, it's the worst wildfire he's seen--maybe the worst in that county's history.

Giles told KPCW that the fire is designated as 100 percent contained, but it's still burning in some spots.

Summit County

The Summit County Council Wednesday did not come to a decision, after hearing an appeal against the Commons at Newpark project.

Developer Gary Crandall and his sons Matt and Ryan have proposed the Commons as a building with seven townhomes, up to 43 feet high, just west of the Newpark Plaza.

The project got a positive vote from the Snyderville Commission earlier this year and received a final approval in June from County Manager Tom Fisher.