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courtesy of Summit County

In his latest visit with KPCW, County Health Director Rich Bullough talked about the effectiveness of face masks; the prospects for schools reopening; and other topics.  

Bullough said he doesn’t have much to say about the backlash against the Mask Order, or critics who think he’s on an authority trip.

He said the actions they’ve taken are no different than what’s been done at many other locations around the globe.      

Summit County

Summit County has received some backlash to its mandatory mask order, but county officials are defending their decision.


Responding Tuesday on KPCW, County Manager Tom Fisher said officials made their decisions to respond to an international crisis that has made its mark in Summit County.


Summit County Sheriff's Office

Among the incidents reported by local law enforcement recently: A suspect fled through Summit County, in a crime spree that included stealing a county vehicle; and a South Summit resident has been harassed by a series of bizarre messages.


Sheriff’s Lt. Andrew Wright said that on June 30, officers responded to a 32-year-old Oakley woman who said that someone had entered her barn and hung a small straw “voodoo-style” doll from a rope.


The Summit County Health Board heard on Monday that a number of East Side businesses feel they’re seriously hurting due to the county’s mandatory mask order, and they say the county isn’t listening to them.


During a brief conversation in the Health Board’s virtual meeting, board member Chris Ure, a South Summit resident, said he’s heard some area business owners say they’re being treated “like a kicking post.”


courtesy of Summit County

As the Summit County Health Board met in their regular monthly session,on Monday County Health Director Rich Bullough reviewed the pandemic numbers that are concerning, and those more on the positive side; and commented on the county’s first recorded COVID-19 death.


Bullough told the Health Board that to date, the county has seen 536 cases total, and 47 of those have been hospitalized.

Summit County

While COVID-19 was the major topic for the Summit County Council last week, they also looked at such items as financial aid for the county, tax rates—and the county’s profile on TV.


At its July 1 meeting, the Council heard a presentation on the Rural County Grant program started by the Utah State Legislature this year. Councilor Kim Carson said there have been several different programs set up in the past to help diversify the economy in rural areas and that the county is examining its own initiatives.


courtesy of Summit County


Summit County officials say they’re excited that the community has stepped up and has complied with their Mandatory mask order.


The mask order went into effect on June 27. Summit County Health Director Bullough said that almost overnight the county saw widespread compliance, even with businesses where customers had complained for months that masks were not being worn.


Summit County

At its last meeting on July 1, the Summit County Council heard from a critic who said the focus of their COVID-19 strategy is wrong.


The county’s order requiring masks in public places went into effect on June 27.


Before the Council voted on July 1 to modify portions of the order, they heard from Todd Follmer, a 14-year resident of Park City who said the county has taken the wrong approach.


Summit County

The Summit County Council on Wednesday voted unanimously to approve amendments for the county’s mandatory mask order.

Among the changes to the order are a requirement for children ages 2 to 12 to wear face coverings and an appeal process for individuals and businesses who can't comply with the order as written or can mitigate virus spread without them. 

County Health Director Rich Bullough said the goal is to keep businesses open and let citizens carry on some semblance of normal life — albeit with a mask.


Park City Mountain Resort

Park City Mountain Resort is reopening for a summer season on Thursday, July 2 — about three and a half months after it closed down on March 15 due to the coronavirus outbreak.


The resort’s chief operating officer, Mike Goar, said it will be offering a resort experience—but also focusing on safety for their staff and guests.


Goar told KPCW that opening for the summer and preparing for the winter to come in the face of a pandemic is something he’s never experienced in his career.


Park City School District

The Park City School District and its teachers, represented by the Park City Education Association, have announced that they’ve come to an agreement on a three-year contract.


According to a release, the Park City School Board approved the “Licensed Professional Agreement” unanimously at their meeting on June 16. 


The agreement, pending ratification by the members of the PCEA, is approved from June 1 of this year to the end of June 2023.


Google Maps

Park City Municipal has announced plans to build a new Park City Senior Center across from the Park City Library, along Park Avenue. 


If the plan is supported by the community’s seniors and other stakeholders, the city would begin construction next spring and plan to finish by the fall of 2021.


The city aims to relocate the current Senior Center, which sits on a parcel in the 1300 block between Park Avenue and Woodside that is planned for an affordable housing development.


As we’ve reported, Summit County has called for a mandatory mask order.

Even before the news became official, there was reaction from the local business community.

Park City Chamber/Bureau Director Bill Malone said he’s looked at several communities to see how they’re dealing with the debate over masks.

He conducted an informal poll, and heard some different reactions from local business people.      

Utah State Office of Tourism/Paul Morrison Photography

Looking ahead to the summer tourist season, Park City Chamber/Bureau Director Bill Malone says it’s not a pretty picture.

Meanwhile, the picture is unclear for the winter, as resorts try to figure out how to put on a ski season with Covid precautions.  

Malone said in terms of the reservations they’re seeing this summer, occupancy is down to about 10 percent.

The visitors they are seeing, he said, are making their vacation plans suddenly.     


As the Utah Legislature recently met in special session, relooking at the state’s budget after only three months, a major question for the Park City Chamber/Bureau was the state’s tourism marketing dollars.

Chamber Director Bill Malone brought us up to speed in his latest visit with KPCW.        

Malone said the actions of the lawmakers left the tourism dollars pretty much at the same level—some $24 million.