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On today's Local News Hour:

( 03:07) Rick Brough's story about the Park City’s Miners Day celebration and the Rotary Club's plan to resume the town’s 125-year-old holiday tradition.

( 06:23) At the Jordanelle Reservoir, some have recently reported getting rashes known as “swimmer’s itch.” as Ben Lasseter reports.

( 08:31) As the 2020 Tokyo Olympics prepare to open later this week, Park City resident and 1964 Olympic Gold Medalist Dick Roth looks back at the Tokyo games of his youth.

( 20:12) Utah Govenor Spencer Cox's update on drought and vaccination rates as Ellie Fischer reports

( 21:46) Summit County Council chair Glen Wright's update on the 100% net renewable engery goals set by the Community Renwable Energy Act in 2019 as Rick Brough reports.

( 24:58) Ben Lasseter reports on drivers no longer being allowed to park on either side of the Guardsman Pass road.

( 26:43) Division President of real estate developer C.W Urban Darlene Carter which will be building 38 affordable condos in Silver Creek Village.

( 37:16) Snyderville Basin Recreation Director Dana Jones has a monthly update.

( 46:53) A member of the Park City Council is saying it will step back from a proposal for a soil repository in Park City along SR 248. An overwhelming amount of negative feedback at Thursday night’s public hearing is putting the brakes on the project.

On today's Local News Hour:

( 02:34) Retired Ex. Director of Mountainlands Community Housing Trust, Scott Loomis, has a park named in his honor.

( 05:18) Park City Municipal Project Manager of the proposed Toxic Soils Repository Jonathan Weidenhamer has details about tomorrow's community outreach panel.

( 23:37) Voices For Utah Children Ex. Director Moe Hickey and Kids Count Data Analyst Martin Munoz talk about the recent release of a Casey Foundation study showing drastic negative impacts COVID has caused for the welfare and well-being of children in Utah.

( 39:23) Hideout Town annexation ruling due today was rescheduled until tomorrow at 4:30pm. 

( 40:13) Snyderville Basin Recreation Director Dana Jones has a monthly update including plans for getting trail users to the trailheads without their cars.

Basin Recreation

Keeping the Snyderville Basin trail system from being loved to death is still a challenge as representatives for Basin Recreation gave an update June 2 to the Summit County Council.


At least one county councilor disagrees with Basin Rec about whether permitting will have to be used to limit trail use.


On Wednesday, Basin Rec director Dana Jones told the council the problems didn’t arise overnight and it will take some time to solve them.


On today's Local News Hour:

( 02:15 ) Feral Cat Program addresseed by Summit County Council last week as Rick Brough reports.

( 06:06) Ex. Director of Nuzzles and Co. Lindsay Ortega who talks about plans to implement a feral cat pilot program for Summit County.

( 21:40 ) Update on the free COVID 19 vaccine clinics set up by the Summit County Health Depatment.

( 23:25) Caroyln Murray's story about the PCHS senior class gift hitting a road block this year.

On today's Local News Hour:

( 00:25) Summit County asks Heber City 4th District Court to strike down Hideout's request for annexation as Rick Brough reports.

( 03:57) Christine Coleman and Kristi Cumming from PCCF about Solomon Fund, executive search, climate fund, etc.

( 20:46) Chris Penn Aquatics Program Manager with the DWR talks about the Kokanee Salmon release in Rockport Reservoir

( 26:18) Jessica Lowell story on the vaccine clinic today at the Park City High School. 

Basin Recreation

The Snyderville Basin Recreation District is unveiling a short-term trail access plan, as warmer weather arrives with the spring.


Recently, Basin Rec and Summit County officials have been concerned that the Basin’s world-class trail system is being loved to death. 


The effects have been seen as trails and parking lots in residential areas are crowded by locals, out-of-county visitors, and recreationists trying to get outside during the past year of pandemic.


As trail use continues to increase, Snyderville Basin Recreation Director Dana Jones outlines the new short-term trail access plan to accommodate the rise in traffic. 

Today on the Local News Hour:

(00:00) - Utah Avalanche Forecast Center

(06:57) - Park City School District Business Administrator Todd Hauber talks about the special work session held last week to review a new demographic study and the next steps for Master Planning.

(22:29) - U. S. Ski and Snowboard Update with Cross Country Communications Manager Tom Horrocks.

(33:34) - Snyderville Basin Recreation Director Dana Jones has a monthly update.

In the monthly update, Snyderville Basin Recreation Director Dana Jones shares new programs available through Basin Recreation, including a free winter trail challenge.

Jones also speaks to the short-term trail access plan document, which is scheduled for release by the end of March.


Today on the Local News Hour:

(02:47) - Utah Avalanche Forecast Center Report

(05:34) - Sundance Film Festival CFO and Managing Director Betsy Wallace has a recap on how this year's festival went.

(23:33) - U. S. Ski and Snowboard Association Update with Communications Manager Lara Carlton.

(37:20) - Snyderville Basin Recreation Director Dana Jones has a monthly update.

On today's Local News Hour:

( 00:01) Nikki Champion has today’s Utah Avalanche Forecast Center report.

( 07:15) Mountain Mediation Center Board Chair Miriam Garcia and Volunteer Hailey Locke have details on the upcoming Community Conversation programming.

( 19:55) U. S. Ski and Snowboard Update with Cross County Communications Manager Tom Horrocks and Park City native Rosie Brennan who is having her best season ever.

( 34:45) Snyderville Basin Recreation Director Dana Jones has an update on programs and trailheads.

Basin Rec

Meet Dana Jones, the Basin Recreation District’s new director, who has now been on the job for several weeks. 

Jones came from California, where she spent most of her 28-year career working for the state’s parks department.