Mountain Trails Foundation

Mountain Trails Foundation

Charlie Sturgis is retiring in June after 11 years of leading the local nonprofit Mountain Trails Foundation, and he thinks the transition to the leadership of longtime Mountain Trails staffer Lora Smith will be a smooth one.


"I mean if it had been someone, an outsider, they would have also probably had to move on from their other job, things like that,” Sturgis said. “So, one of the benefits certainly with Laura as a person who's been almost nine years staffer at Mountain Trails, the handoff is going to be a lot simpler."


Mountain Trails Foundation

Lora Smith has been named as the Mountain Trails Foundation’s new executive director.


The longtime staffer will succeed Charlie Sturgis, who is retiring in June after years of leading the nonprofit that builds and maintains trails in Summit County.


Smith, an 18-year resident of Summit County, has served as the Mountain Trails Foundation’s development and resource director since 2012. She’s an avid trail runner, mountain biker and cross-country skier. 


Courtesy of Mountain Trails Foundation

After 40-plus years in the outdoor recreation industry – with 11 of those years leading the Mountain Trails Foundation – Charlie Sturgis is stepping down this June.


The youthful 69-year-old can still be found out on the local trails skiing and riding and this summer, he will have even more time to be outside doing fun things.


The executive director announced he will be retiring from Mountain Trails Foundation in June.


For 11 years, Charlie Sturgis has been synonymous with our local trails system.

Today, on the Local News Hour, he tells us he will be stepping down from his role as Executive Director of the Mountain Trails Foundation this June. 

Today on the Local News Hour:

(02:32) - Avalanche Forecast Center Report

(05:38) - Summit County Council Member Chris Robinson recaps Wednesday's meeting.

(20:41) - Heber City Council member Mike Johnston discusses his recent presentation regarding the North Village Overlay Zone.

(37:35) - Charlie Sturgis on his departure from the Executive Director role at Mountain Trails Foundation.


On today's Local News Hour:

( 07:32) US Ski and Snowboard CEO Tiger Shaw is on the line to talk bout the upcoming season and the world cup opening.

( 23:33) Wasatch County Council Candidate Steve Farrell talks about why he's running for re-election.

( 36.02) Mountain Trails Foundation Director Charlie Sturgis talks about some of the trail projects they're working on.

In this episode of This Green Earth Lora Smith from Mountain Trails Foundation talks about the upcoming RAP Tax Proposition that will be voted on in November.  She'll describe what the vote is about and how RAP-related taxes benefit our environment.

On today's Local News Hour:

( 00:33) Charlie Sturgis has this week's Mountain Trails Report.

( 07:24) Summit County Health Dept. Director Rich Bullough has the latest update regarding COVID-19 and the reopening of schools.

( 27:15) KPCW GM Renai Bodley Miller Previews Summer Pledge drive which starts August 17th.

(39:52) Egyptian Theater Manager Randy Barton has news about the theater going into "hibernation," and the furlough of his staff.


The Park City Council is moving forward with plans to implement a courtesy tag program for those who ride electric assisted mountain bikes on single track and want to let others know that they are in compliance with the city’s trail ordinance.

Last year, the council approved amendments to its ban on non-motorized trail use.  With a few exceptions – those with mobility disabilities – and those 65 and older – Ebikes on local single track are banned. However, it appears that not everyone knows about the exceptions and some verbal outbursts have occurred on the trails.

Basin Recreation

The Summit County Council Wednesday talked about how to deal with Snyderville Basin trailheads that are congested with parked vehicles impacting their surrounding neighborhoods—and in at least one case, creating a fire safety hazard.


The council looked at Rob’s Trail, an especially popular trailhead in the Sun Peak neighborhood, with the intent of developing a template for dealing with other trailheads in the area. County officials are considering a parking enforcement regimen to start dealing with the area in the short-term.

  Heinrich Deters of Park City Municipal and Charlie Sturgis of Mountain Trails Foundation join the show to introduce a new randomized City survey on electric mountain bikes and distinguish that survey from the Mountain Trails survey from late last year. Should electric mountain bikes (E-MTB's) be allowed beyond the streets of Park City and onto the non-motorized single track? After all, an E-MTB has a motor.

  Rick Fournier and Charlie Sturgis from the Mountain Trails Foundation join The Mountain Life. Rick is known as the trail guru about town, his trail building expertise is a big part of why Park City was put on the map as the first IMBA Gold Ride Center. Charlie Sturgis is the director of Mountain Trails Foundation and oversees the operation.

The Park City Council will consider leasing city-owned property at Quinn’s Junction to Mountain Trails Foundation and Summit Land Conservancy, to house the two organizations’ office space. 

Summit Land Conservancy Executive Director Cheryl Fox and Mountain Trails Foundation Executive Director Charlie Sturgis presented their proposal to the city council in May. Now, council will consider the terms of the potential deal between the city and the two organizations, which interim City Manager Matt Dias says are pretty straightforward.

Park City Municipal

After nearly two hours of discussion and more than a dozen comments from the public, the Park City Council made some small tweaks to the city’s e-bike ordinance. 

Heading into Thursday’s city council meeting, staff proposed a year-long pilot program allowing pedal-assist, class one e-bikes on all trails in Round Valley, along with including seniors 65 and older in the current ordinance allowing people with mobility disabilities to use e-bikes on any trails in Park City.

Park City

Trail head construction is currently underway on the Guardsman Pass Road in Wasatch County. Bathrooms and established parking areas are part of the conservation work needed to make Bonanza Flat ecologically stable and more accessible for recreational use. KPCW has details about the new trail heads and which areas will allow dogs in Bonanza Flat.