Summit County Council

On today's Local News Hour:

( 1:55) Summit County Health Dept educator Alyssa Mitchell talks about national suicide prevention month.

( 15:41) Meisha Ross from Autumn Aloft previews the annual hot air balloon exhibition.

( 29:11) Rick Brough's update on the Summit County Council  adoptation of a new policy on accessory buildings. 

( 33:33) The Friends of Summit County Search and Rescue presented a budget request to the Summit County Council at its meeting Wednesday as Sean Higgins Reports.

( 36:42 ) Ben Lasseter reports on Midway's Mountain Spa being conserved as open space.

( 39:02) Park City Education Foundation Ex. Director Abby McNulty has an update on programs offered by the foundation.

On today's Local News Hour:

( 2:14) Leslie Thatcher's report on the annual Shot Ski event canceled due to rising numbers of COVID-19 cases in the area.

( 4:22) Access to quality childcare is in a crisis, according to policy experts. Carolyn Murray has this update.

( 7:48) Summit County Council Member Doug Clyde recaps Wednesday's meeting.

( 19:04) The Kamas Planning Commission hosted a public hearing Tuesday night on whether to allow nightly rentals in town as Rick Brough reports.

( 21:24) Save People Save Wildlife Secretary Erin Ferguson and new PR person Gabby Saunders talk  about their efforts to prevent wildlife /vehicle collisions on I-80, their recent fundraising successes and what's next on their radar.

( 37:49) Youth Sports Alliance Executive Director Emily Fisher has an update on youth sport programming.

( 47:30) The Mountain West region saw more than 80 armed protests over the last year and a half. A new analysis warns these events are more likely to turn violent compared to unarmed demonstrations as Robyn Vincent reports.

On today's Local News Hour:

( 2:17) Sean Higgins' report on the employees of the Redstone 8 Cinemas in Kimball Junction decision to end a two-week long strike.

( 4:58) Summit County Council Member Glen Wright recaps Wednesday's meeting.

( 20:03) Reagan Chung the winner of the 2021  Park City Area Restaurant Association's Savor the Cocktail Contest talks about his winning libation.

( 25:09) Jenny Diersen has details on Miners Day, Song Summit and Autumn Aloft & Trail Events.

( 33:13) Former Coalville Mayor Duane Schmidt has died as Rick Brough reports.  

( 35:57) Carolyn Murray's report on Park City School District's policy in regards to a misdemeanor assault petition filed last Monday against a Treasure Mountain Junior High Student. 

( 38:26) This week’s Park City Council meeting will revisit a topic that sparked  public interest when it was on the agenda last year: 5G towers as Sean Higgins reports.

( 41:18) Ben Lasseter's story on Heber City's rare opportunity to get a big financial boost as the city launches some big-ticket projects.

( 44:22) Sean Higgins reports on the annual Friends of the Library book sale in Park City kicking off this Saturday. 

( 46:37) Francis City returns with its annual Labor Day weekend celebration, Francis Frontier Days as Rick Brough reports.

On today's Local News Hour:

( 2:29) Summit County Council Member Roger Armstrong recaps Wednesday's meeting.

( 12:10) Kimball Art Center Curator Nancy Stoakes and Artist in Residency Jorge Rojas have details about a series of classes on the community art project People of Corn happening this month and next.

On today's Local News Hour:

( 2:54) Summit County Council Member Malena Stevens reaps Wednesday's meeting.

( 23:08) Co-Founders of RRAD - Responsible Resort Area Development- Nancy Lazenby and Deb Rentfrow have an update from last night's planning commission meeting.

( 41:30) Park City Film Director Katy Wang has with a monthly update.

On today's Local News Hour:

( 03:15 ) Construction costs have ballooned over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, with prices for raw materials up and labor in short supply. Do recent market trends indicate a more affordable future for construction? Sean Higgins reports.

( 06:49) Summit County Council Member Chris Robinson recaps Wednesday's meeting.

( 25:16) Park City resident Jenn Drummond has an update on her effort to scale all of the 2nd highest mountains around the world.

( 38:09) Youth Sports Alliance Executive Director Emily Fisher has an update on youth sport programming.

( 45:55) Update on Coalville City considering the upgrading of its master plan for trails, parks and open space.

Summit land Conservancy

Between now and August 19, Summit County Council members will consider a $50 million bond referendum to purchase and conserve open space.

Summit County Manager Tom Fisher said that as price and development pressures continue to increase on the east side of the county, the council started to explore ways to preserve open space and agricultural land.

Summit County

Summit County Council meets Wednesday at 12:50 for a strategic planning work session in the Richins Building.

On today's Local News Hour:

( 03:13)  Heber City Council member Heidi Franco has an update on Tuesday's meeting including passage of the Clean Air and Dark Sky ordinances.

( 19:12) Summit County Council Member Doug Clyde recaps Wednesday's meeting.

( 36:19) Summit County Library Director Dan Compton has an update on library programs.

(43:28)  Sean Higgins report on Park City government stepping up the enforcement of brake inspection rules on the road and exploring alternate routes into the city for truck drivers.

( 46:47)Sundance Film Festival Director Tabitha Jackson announced this week that vaccines will be required for everyone attending the 2022 festival as Michelle Deininger reports.

( 48:05 ) Annual Peace House fundraiser Bling Fling has been ended after 7 years.

On today's Local News Hour:

(04:24) - Summit County Manager Tom Fisher discusses the agenda for Wednesday's county council meeting.

(23:02) - Kimball Art Center Executive Director Aldy Miliken and Events Manager Hilary Gilson have details about the annual arts festival opening on Main St. Friday.

(37:09) - Executive Director of Summit Land Conservancy Cheryl Fox has an update on open space issues.

On today's Local News Hour:

(06:22) - Summit County Council Member Roger Armstrong recaps Wednesday's meeting and their 2-day council retreat.

(19:55) - USA Nordic Executive Director Billy Demong has a preview of this weekend's annual Springer Tournee and national ski jumping and Nordic combined championships.

(30:49) - Wasatch County interim manager Dustin Grabau joins to give a recap of discussion of yesterday’s interlocal meeting and has more details on the Bypass Road and the county's involvement with Heber City's Community Reinvestment Area plan.

On today's Local News Hour:

( 03:07) Rick Brough's story about the Park City’s Miners Day celebration and the Rotary Club's plan to resume the town’s 125-year-old holiday tradition.

( 06:23) At the Jordanelle Reservoir, some have recently reported getting rashes known as “swimmer’s itch.” as Ben Lasseter reports.

( 08:31) As the 2020 Tokyo Olympics prepare to open later this week, Park City resident and 1964 Olympic Gold Medalist Dick Roth looks back at the Tokyo games of his youth.

( 20:12) Utah Govenor Spencer Cox's update on drought and vaccination rates as Ellie Fischer reports

( 21:46) Summit County Council chair Glen Wright's update on the 100% net renewable engery goals set by the Community Renwable Energy Act in 2019 as Rick Brough reports.

( 24:58) Ben Lasseter reports on drivers no longer being allowed to park on either side of the Guardsman Pass road.

( 26:43) Division President of real estate developer C.W Urban Darlene Carter which will be building 38 affordable condos in Silver Creek Village.

( 37:16) Snyderville Basin Recreation Director Dana Jones has a monthly update.

( 46:53) A member of the Park City Council is saying it will step back from a proposal for a soil repository in Park City along SR 248. An overwhelming amount of negative feedback at Thursday night’s public hearing is putting the brakes on the project.

On today's Local news Hour:

( 03:03)Park City Council meeting is expected to be a lengthy one with a potential solution to the housing shortage on the agenda, and a public hearing on the proposed soil facility along SR 248. City officials said they anticipate significant community input as Sean Higgins reports.

( 07:02) Summit County Council Chair Glenn Wright discusses issues.

( 22:16) Encircle Founder Stephenie Larsen talks about the groundbreaking for the new Heber City home.

( 32:00) Park City Library Director Adriane Juarez has information on why you need a new library card and how to get it.

(39:47) Three Wasatch-back State Parks have been selected to recieve money for improvements as Carolyn Murray reports.

( 41:16)  Park City Film Director Katy Wang has an update on Sundance Films at the Twilight Drive-in this week and schedule of films coming up in August.

Snyderville Basin Planning Commission

The major item for the Snyderville Planning Commission in its regular Tuesday meeting is a proposal to amend and clarify the code language for bed and breakfast inns — a commercial use that has prompted a lot of discussion before county planners in recent years.


The Snyderville Commission will begin the session on Tuesday, July 13 at 6 p.m. The meeting is being held virtually, but staff will be available in person at the Richins Services Building.