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KPCW sends its most discerning moviegoers to the movies each week to let you know which films are worth going to, and which are a pass.

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Friday Film Review--"Artemis Fowl"

Jun 28, 2020

Mark Harrington returns to his Irish roots for this week’s Friday Film Review.

The documentary “13th” was released in 2016. If you missed it then - watch it now. As the national and international conversation about racial injustice elevates, every single one of us could benefit from the enlightenment delivered by this documentary. Here's Barb Bretz with your Friday Film Review.

A new movie, available via streaming and the occasional drive-in, returns once again to the 1980’s.    Rick Brough has this week’s Friday Film review.       

The year 2020 has been sort of gnarly, so you might be in the mood for a heavy-on-the cheese remake of the half-remembered Eighties classic  “Valley Girl.”

The original was a Romeo and Juliet story, and also the first starring role for Nicolas Cage.

Friday Film Review--"The Laundromat"

Jun 7, 2020

Have you ever wondered when exactly the meek shall inherit the Earth? This week's film "The Laundromat" lets you know NOT to hold your breath. Here's Barb Bretz with the Friday Film Review.

"The Laundromat" directed by Steven Soderbergh is based on Jake Bernstein's nonfiction book 'Secrecy World' about the 2016 Panama Papers scandal.

Friday Film Review--"Becoming"

May 29, 2020

A documentary which made its debut on Netflix this month tells the story of former First Lady Michelle Obama on a book tour promoting her best-selling memoir.

Linda Jager shares her view of the film, “Becoming” for this week’s Friday Film Review.     

Friday Film Review--"Capone"

May 17, 2020

Do we need another movie about Al Capone?    Libby Wadman has this week’s Friday Film Review.   And she says—actually, No.

If you are looking for something new on the streaming services, Amazon Prime has "Capone", the new film from writer/director Josh Trank, known for his work on  "The Fantastic Four" and "Chronicle".

Clint Eastwood’s most recent directorial effort looked back to the bombing of the 1996 Summer Olympics—and an ordinary guy at the center of the incident.    Rick Brough has this week’s Friday Film Review.    

Clint Eastwood’s film “Richard Jewell” didn’t get a lot of attention at Oscar time.   That’s kind of a shame, because the film tells several different stories.

Friday Film Review--"Bad Education"

May 2, 2020


Just how far would a school superintendent go to lock in his district’s top 10 ranking in the nation?  That’s the question behind “Bad Education”, a new crime thriller based on a true story. Linda Jager is here with this week’s Friday Film Review.

Breaking the story of a massive embezzlement scheme in your own school district isn’t what you’d expect to find in a high school newspaper, but that’s the true story behind "Bad Education"- a new crime thriller that premiered on HBO this week.

Friday Film Review--"Sea Fever"

Apr 27, 2020

This week’s Friday Film Review is from Mark Harrington, who usually judges films on his famous Ski Trail Rating System.   

So what kind of flick would make him put away his snow boots, and wax up his surfboard?   Here’s Mark with the explanation.

Friday Film Review--"Crip Camp"

Apr 19, 2020

For this week’s Friday Film Review, Libby Wadman takes a look back at “Crip Camp”, one of the most popular and impactful entries at last winter’s Sundance Film Festival, and an Audience Award winner.

If at this point you feel a bit stir crazy and long for something to take you far away from this time, I highly recommend you watch the documentary "Crip Camp". This film was one of the Audience Award winners at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.

Rick Brough, with this week’s Friday Film Review, looks at the latest scary offering inspired by Stephen King.       

This week’s film, “Dr. Sleep”, was released to theaters nearly five months ago.  

But before you criticize me for being late, bear in mind that it took about 33 years for Stephen King to write a sequel to “The Shining” and seven more years to make it to the screen.

The movie continues the story of Danny Torrance, the psychic son of Jack, the doomed, possessed alcoholic.

Friday Film Review--"Marriage Story"

Apr 3, 2020

For this week’s Friday Film Review, Linda Jager went streaming, and looked back at a film, directed by a Sundance alumni, which was an Oscar contender earlier this year.

Friday Film Review--"International Falls"

Mar 29, 2020

What’s to become of the Friday Film Review?   After all, movie theaters have been shuttered due to the coronavirus outbreak.

However, when the going gets tough, the tough get streaming!    Mark Harrington surveyed his on-line options, and has this week’s Review.

Friday Film Review--"Emma."

Mar 23, 2020

A beloved classic by Jane Austen gets yet another cinematic remake.     If you want to know which story we’re talking about—let’s just say that Libby Wadman isn’t “Clueless’ about her reaction, with this week’s Friday Film Review.

In these trying times, Director Autumn de Wilde has brought forth a light-hearted, gentler and kinder film in the guise of “Emma.,” based on the novel of the same name by Jane Austen.

Right now, it seems like the troubles of two elf brothers trying to connect with their lost dad doesn’t mean a hill of beans in this crazy world

But even so, it’s nice to know there are some things you can count on—like Pixar.

The premise of their newest film “Onward” is that once upon a time, there was a land of myths and magic.  Then somebody invented the light bulb and discovered science.