The Mountain Life

John Schlimm is the bestselling author of The Ultimate Beer Lover's Happy Hour,  and now he is back to take his readers (and our listeners) through an entertaining history of moonshine. Call it moonshine, white lightening, hooch, or home brew, this versatile liquor spans generations, political lines, and genders. And it has made a significant comeback. Schlimm's new book is Moonshine: A Celebration of America's Original Rebel Spirit. 

Historian and business writer Alan Axelrod has written more than 150 books and he joins The Mountain Life to discuss his most recent, The Disruptors: 50 People Who Change the World. These 50 women and men, starting with Confucious in 551 BCE and ending with pop star Madonna, broke and rules and created a new paradigm for art, science, technology, religion, education, enterprise and society. 

  While it may be hard to believe that in the nineteenth century, formaldehyde was placed in milk to preserve it — it was, and it killed scores of children, even thousands from this chemically “improved” milk. And that’s not all as our guest, Pulitzer Prize winner Deborah Blum tells us. The industrialization of food production was all the rage and meanwhile Americans were paying the price, being poisoned regularly — from butter being made edible with borax, and coffee containing sawdust dyed dark with lead-based dye.

Alison Kuhlow is a longtime Park City resident who finds her creative spirit in a variety of ways -- being a DJ here at KPCW, attending Toastmasters and now, she has launched a podcast called Stretch, which at the experiences that force us to stretch and grow and how we navigate life and amidst these often unexpected changes. 

Lynn Ware Peek and guest co-host Pete Stoughton speak with psychotherapist Dr. Arlene Englander. She says emotional overeating is not about loving food; so calling an emotional overeater a foodie is like calling an alcoholic a wine connoisseur. Acknowledging what emotional overeating is—eating in a desperate attempt to distract oneself from painful thoughts and feelings—is the first step to breaking free. Dr. Englander joins us to discuss this topic and her book, Let Go of Emotional Overeating and LOVE YOUR FOOD.

 Filmmaker Amy Jenkins previews her documentary, Instructions on Parting, that will screen at the Park City Film Series on Monday, October 1, at 7pm. It's her very personal family story about about transformation and grief as she navigates her first child's birth at the same time she deals with the cancer diagnoses and transits toward death of three of her closest family members. 

Dr. John Lawrence, co-founder of Park City's East West Health is on a mission to transform your life and health by providing the right tests, delivering innovative-natural treatments, and working as an integrated medical team with their patients. The health care at East West treats both chronic and acute conditions through enhancing hormones, nutrition, gut health, joint mobility, and brain performance without drugs or surgery. 

As we head towards fall and winter in this very dry year — are you guilty of laying off of the sunscreen?  The sun is lower in the sky so you may perceive a lesser threat from the harmful rays. The fact is, according to our guest, board certified dermatologist Dr. Jennifer Haley, winter is even drier, the harshness of the cold and the wind, and the reflection of UV rays off the snow all create added challenge for your skin. Dr. Haley brings a wealth of knowledge about skin and skin care. 

Our guest Dana Bowman, in her new book, How to Be Perfect Like Me, discusses the lure of perfectionism, trying to be a flawless wife, mother, and person in recovery. In this funny and revealing follow-up to her best-selling book Bottled, Dana reflects on how we live in a society of excess, always pushing ourselves to do and be better. However, it doesn’t take her long to realize that self-care and getting over herself is the key to happiness.

Our guest Ellen Van Vechten is an attorney turned drug and alcohol counselor. She examines the chaos many families endure when addiction disrupts their lives. Based in part on her own family’s journey, Van Vechten explains the science of addiction, the theory of treatment, and the Twelve-Step model of recovery, providing sensible information and tips for reasoned action in support of a loved one while fostering personal growth and recovery.