Slamdance Film Festival

The Slamdance Film Festival returns to Park City later this month—headquartered once again at the Treasure Mountain Inn at the top of Main Street.

But this year, the Festival has some special news for Parkites.      The opening-night premiere is a documentary on Ira Sachs Sr., who’s been an icon in town for 40 years.  

The Slamdance Festival, in its 26th year, runs from January 24th to the 30th.         

Slamdance Festival

The closing night film for the Slamdance Film Festival is “This Teacher” about a French woman whose visit to the U.S. turns into a nightmare.

The film closes the festival at the Treasure Mountain Inn on Thursday, at 5:30.

The co-writer and director of the film, Mark Jackson, said that his central character, Hafsia, a French woman of Middle Eastern descent, travels to New York looking for answers.

Slamdance Festival

A dramatic film presented at the Slamdance Film Festival, called “Spiral Farm” is a coming-of-age tale set in a modern-day commune.

Although this kind of commune is associated more with the Sixties, director Alec Tibaldi said he found there were more of them existing now, than you might imagine.

Jade Fusco, one of the cast, said there is a case to be made for this type of community.

Behind the Bullet

Like Sundance, the Slamdance Film Festival, taking place at the top of Main Street, often delves into difficult social issues.

A Slamdance documentary, “Behind the Bullet” looks at the moral and physical impacts of firing a gun.

Slamdance Festival

The Slamdance Film Festival returns to the Treasure Mountain Inn from January 25th to the 31st. Organizers are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of what started as an alternative to the Sundance Festival.

The director of Slamdance, and a co-founder of the festival, Peter Baxter said it’s amazing to consider what resulted from an event started by some film-makers who weren’t accepted into Sundance.

Independent films often deal with road trips, but the documentary Roll With Me puts a difference spin on the genre, as a man rolls his wheelchair across the country in 100 days.  This interesting piece is featured at the Slamdance Festival, as Rick Brough reports:

While films are screening all over town for the Sundance Film Festival, the epicenter of the Slamdance Festival is the Treasure Mountain Inn.  Rick Brough has been chatting with a few of the filmmakers showing their work at the top of Main Street:

In the movie Quest, now playing at the Slamdance Festival, director Santiago Rizzo tells the story of his own troubled youth and also pays tribute to the teacher and mentor who helped him.  The film premiers tonight (Monday) at 6:30pm.  Rick Brough spoke to Rizzo:

On today's program, Summit County Animal Control Director Clay Coleman, Park City Community Foundation Programs Manager Ollie Wilder, Co-Founder of Slamdance Film Festival and Todd Henneman and Debbie Drain from Storm Cycles.

Slamdance Festival

Slamdance - the other traditional film festival in Park City - is returning for a 21st year of highlighting a festival by filmmakers for filmmakers. Rick Brough has more.

The Slamdance Film Festival concluded its 20th year by handing out its Audience and Jury Awards on Thursday. Rick Brough has more.

As part of its 20th anniversary, the Slamdance Film Festival is inviting filmgoers to the Treasure Mountain Inn at the top of Main Street. One of the documentaries, Waiting For Mamu, is about a woman's effort to address the plight of children in Nepal. Rick Brough has more.

This is an anniversary year for a couple of Park City Film Festivals. While Sundance celebrates its 30th year of managing festivals, Slamdance is also celebrating its 20th year. Rick Brough has more.

The Slamdance Film Festival has announced the feature film line-up for its 20th year. The program, set for January 17th - 23rd in Park City at the Treasure Mountain Inn; it's made up of 10 narrative and 8 documentary films. Rick Brough has more.