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Wasatch Back Hospitals are reporting they have ample healthy staff and personal protective gear but that isn’t stopping them from preparing for a potential surge.


The Utah Department of Health released new numbers Wednesday afternoon about COVID-19 in the state.

There are 1,012 confirmed cases statewide, up 125 from Tuesday. Summit County has 204 cases, up from 181. Nine are visitors and 195 are residents. Wasatch County has 57 confirmed cases, up six from the day before. Fifty-six of those are residents and one is a visitor.


With COVID-19 Stay-at-Home orders in place in Summit and Wasatch Counties, increased screen times and the promised check from the federal government, it’s a time to be on the lookout for con artists.

Utah Department of Commerce Public Information Officer Brian Maxwell says scams are in abundance as the COVID-19 epidemic leaves people anxious and uncertain about the future. He says cyber criminals will use every opportunity to take advantage of a crisis by using the same old tricks but in a new way.

Park City Summit county Arts

The Park City and Summit County Arts Council organized a remote meeting with all area arts organizations to craft a platform to creatively address ways to make it through the fiscal challenges caused by the county-wide stay at home order.

Utah reached 806 confirmed COVID-19 cases Monday, after testing more than 16,000 people. The state health department has identified four deaths related to the virus. 


The Utah Department of Health released new numbers Monday afternoon about COVID-19 in the state.

There are 806 confirmed cases statewide, up 87 from Sunday. Summit County has 176 cases, up from 159. Nine are visitors and 167 are residents. Wasatch County has 45 confirmed cases, up five from the day before. 44 of those are residents and one is a visitor.

The Utah Department of Health released new COVID-19 numbers on Saturday. There are 602 confirmed cases statewide, up 122 from Friday.  Summit County now has 135 confirmed cases which is 25 more than Friday. Eight of the cases are visitors while the other 127 are residents. Wasatch County has 37 confirmed cases up 8 from Friday’s 29. Thirty-six 

With the end of the month coming up many renters are unsure of what their options are if they’ve experienced a decrease in income. Options exist for landlords and tenants in the form of rent deferment.

Utah Dept. of Agriculture and Food

On Friday March 20, Utah’s Governor appointed a Republican state legislative representative for Summit County to serve as the commissioner for the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food. 


On Friday, the Utah Department of Health press update covered a variety of issues related to COVID-19 and its progression in the state. The social distancing order remains in place until case counts peak in Utah.

Utah State Epidemiologist Dr. Angela Dunn says they’re encouraged that the COVID-19 trends in Utah are like other countries in that most cases are mild.

A picture of Park City Main Street, with empty streets, sidewalks and buildings
Cheryl Soshnik


Transient room tax, or TRT, revenue comes from lodging sales taxes, and state law heavily restricts its uses. Summit County Manager Tom Fisher estimates the county has $11 million in TRT funding this year. The Park City Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau receives 70% of that total to use for marketing Summit County, while the county government receives 30% for items like the county fair, the history department and other tourism-related projects proposed by the community. 


Friday afternoon Utah Governor Gary Herbert issued what he called a "Stay Safe, Stay Home" directive to all Utahns.

The directive, which is effective immediately, asks all residents to stay at home as much as possible and work from home whenever possible, stay away from others and practice strict hygiene standards.  It also limits travel and sets guidelines for outdoor recreation. 

A second person in Utah has died due to COVID-19. The Southwest Utah Public Health Department reports a woman, "an older adult under the age of 60" with underlying health issues, passed away Thursday in a Salt Lake area hospital.  


A stay-at-home order that takes effect Thursday  at midnight prohibits Summit County residents to leave their homes for non-essential reasons until May 1. The order is meant to stop the spread of COVID-19 and prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed.