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The Tollgate Canyon fire has been contained, but it raises a future issue for Summit County planners—what to do about rural neighborhoods, some of them over 50 years old, that never had two dedicated accesses for safety?

The Tollgate and Forest Meadows neighborhoods don’t have a designated second access—although last week, the county sheriff planned to open a crash gate on the Redhawk Ridge Road nearby if it was necessary.

During his regular report with KPCW, Summit County development director Pat Putt said the recent fire was a “bell-ringer”.

A Snyderville Basin resident, who was arrested last year on several charges for allegedly victimizing his girlfriend, came to Third District Court last week for sentencing.

The ultimate outcome was that 48-year-old Jason Stone pled Guilty to two lesser charges. He was sentenced to three years of supervised probation.

Summit County

As part of their agenda on Wednesday, the Summit County Council gave their approval for the two new department heads.

First, the council approved a contract for a new General Manager at the Mountain Regional Water District. Council member Roger Armstrong talked about Scott Morrison, who’s been an engineer with the district.

It’s still in the discussion stage, but Summit County’s Library Board is looking at dropping fines for overdue books. Library Director Dan Compton says they’re thinking that the revenue they collect from small fines isn’t worth the staff effort put into it.

Compton said the fine-free system is being adopted by more and more libraries throughout the county.

He said that last year, the Summit County system collected about $11,000 in fines after putting in some 1,600 staff hours.

The Tollgate Canyon fire started Monday July 30th and burned 287 acres. Fire containment is now at 90%. Now officials know the cause of the flames.

Summit County spokesperson Krachel Murdock says officials have discovered the cause of the Tollgate fire.

“The cause of the Tollgate fire has been identified as a vehicle-cause fire. Investigators have also tracked down the vehicle responsible for starting the fire.”

Lynn Ware Peek.

It’s no surprise the Summit Cunty Council is focused on wildfire prevention this summer given the fires raging in the western United States, Utah and this week in Tollgate Canyon.

Council member Roger Armstrong said they need to keep educating neighborhood associations about measure like defensible space around homes. The Park City Fire Department offers a chipping program to help clear out the wood.

Armstrong said some associations have taken the bull by the horns.

Cindy Kaiser

The 14th annual Tour of Utah bike race starts on Monday August 6th with the final two stages concluding in Summit County on August 11th and 12th

The Tour of Utah starts in St. George, and features stages in Cedar City, Payson, Antelope Island and downtown Salt Lake City. The final two stages take place in Summit County. Tour of Utah managing director John Kimball describes the final two stages.

A 17-year-old girl has been charged for her alleged role in the overdose of two 13-year-old boys back in 2016 as well as receiving additional packages of  illegal drugs obtained from the dark web. Leslie Thatcher has more.

According to court documents, the female minor is a Park City High School student. She has been charged with four counts of drug distribution – all second-degree felonies, if committed by an adult.

A state-wide mandate is calling for clean-ups of nutrients or phosphorous to be undertaken on water treatment plants or bodies of water.

But reportedly, some legislators are concerned about the costs, and might act to limit the efforts.

Over at the Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation District, director Mike Luers says the costs are reasonable, and the problem needs solving.

Luers told KPCW that treatment should be undertaken now. If the state's water plants wait until a train wreck occurs, the costs will be a lot worse.

The activity over the past week for Summit County Sheriff deputies included a reported fraud case--and multiple instances of some unwanted visitors to residences and a business.

Last week, the Sheriff's Department received a complaint from an Ogden resident. After living with family for a year, she said she bought a residence in Roy, and was attempting to transfer the utility account she had been paying from her old residence to her new house.