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The Mountain Life host Lynn Ware Peek explores a wide variety of topics from health, fitness, and nutrition to parenting, lifestyle, and education. Lynn Ware Peek is an endurance athlete and lover of the mountain lifestyle.

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 The Mountain Life speaks with Christina Bhanos, founder of Ioulia and Sons Olive Oil, who joins the show to talk about how this small family farm in Greece produces olive oil that is bottled in Park City and distributed  in the community to maintain the highest level of quality and taste. 

The Mountain Life welcomes Maria Russo, children's book editor from the New York Times Book Review. She joins the show to discuss how to raise children to be readers. In this ever changing world of technology, devices and other distractions, how to create the space for your child to find reading time as important as screen time. Her new book, co written with Pamela Paul, is How To Raise A Reader. 


The Mountain Life is joined by Dr. James Gordon, MD. Trauma will come to all of us, sooner or later, but each of us has the capacity to understand and heal ourselves. So says renowned authority on post-traumatic stress/trauma—Dr. Gordon joins us to discuss his new book, The Transformation: Discovering Wholeness and Healing After Trauma.

The Mountain Life is joined by Chad Brackelsberg, Executive Director of the Friends of the Utah Avalanche Center. Chad joins to discuss ongoing avalanche education, the September 12 fundraiser at the Back Diamond Store in Salt Lake City, and why it's so important to Know Before You Go.

 The Mountain Life is joined by guests  Gabriel Weinberg, CEO and founder of Duck Duck Go, the internet search engine that emphasizes protecting searchers' privacy, and Lauren McCann, a statistician, about their new book Super Thinking: The Big Book Of Mental Models. It’

  Today The Mountain Life  speaks with Dr. Wing Province, an emergency physician at both Park City and Heber Valley Hospitals. He's a family man, a lover of outdoors, and a Harvard-trained MBA. Dr. Province is also the newly named Park City Hospital Medical Director.

The Mountain Life welcomes activist, author, and entrepreneur Keele Burgin. She has written a memoir, Wholly Unraveled, about her life as an abused child, a rape victim, and a survivor who has gone on to a successful career in business and in supporting the empowerment of women all over the globe. 

The Mountain Life welcomes two leaders from Park City Toastmasters, Ashley Pennewell and Gregg Davison. They join to talk about some upcoming changes at Toastmasters, including a move to the Blair Education Center and how they plan to bring some innovation in public speaking to the community. 

The Mountain Life speaks with early childhood educator Stevie Ann Clark. Clark founded a new Montessori pre-school, Thriving Day Academy, in the Heber Valley. She shares her passion for the Montessori philosophy and why it's effective in the most crucial educational period in a child's life: early childhood. Clark shares the research and the anecdotal evidence for why Montessori creates early childhood success. 

The Mountain Life welcomes Dr. Josh Mitchell. Dr. Mitchell is new psychiatrist in town at the Round Valley Clinic of the Park City Hospital. He joins us to discuss some of the new ways of treating patients in psychiatry and how they blend with, and compliment,the traditional treatments. Dr. Mitchell also specializes in treatment and management of ADHD, anxiety, PTSD, and psychotic disorders.

Pete Stoughton joins Lynn Ware Peek as co-host on The Mountain Life. As a competitive endurance runner, cyclist, coach, writer, parent, and community leader, Pete embodies what we talk about each week on the show. Many know Pete as the Director of Programs at The Christian Center of Park City. We are excited to have you join us, Pete. Welcome! 

 Tracy Fober joins The Mountain Life. Tracy is an athletic development coach, a physical therapist and a mentor. She says movement is medicine & the foundation of physical preparation. In her private practice, Iron Maven Performance Health, she has worked with athletes and patients of all levels of ability.

 The Mountain Life is joined by Jax Mariash. Jax is a professional ultra runner residing in Park City. In her spare time, she’s an entrepreneur who opened Stoked Roasters and Coffeehouse on Park City's Main Street in 2017.

Today on The Mountain Life, Dr. Kelly Woodward from the Live Well Center at Park City Hospital joins the show .

Julio Garreaud joins The Mountain Life. He is a local author and "Human Architect" who discusses his new book, The Observer: The way you see the world is not the way the world is. The book, he says, is an invitation to awaken and see your present way of being and personal posture in family, business, community, and life.