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The Mountain Life hosts Lynn Ware Peek & Pete Stoughton explore a wide variety of topics from health, fitness, and nutrition to parenting, lifestyle, and education. Lynn Ware Peek and Pete Stoughton are endurance athletes and lovers of the mountain lifestyle.

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[Lynn and Pete bring you two interviews from the archive this week as we push forward in the final stretch of construction here at KPCW. They will be back next week with more The Mountain Life. Thanks for listening!]

Daniel Stillman - Aired April 30,2020 

Dr. Matthew Chabot joins Lynn Ware Peek on The Mountain Life. Dr. Chabot is an internal medicine doctor with University of Utah Healthcare. He talks with Lynn about antibody testing, what it means, why you should or shouldn't take one, which are the effective tests and other CoVid-19 related topics.

Deanna Rhodes, Executive Director of CONNECT Summit County and James Hadlock, founder of BluNovus join The Mountain Life to preview the May Mental Health Awareness Month activities. A community panel on May 18 features James Ott, LCSW, Jenny Howe, Clinical Mental Health Counselor, and Mary Wright, M.A. For a full listing of May activities visit CONNECT's events calendar. 


Lynn & Pete are joined by endurance runner Marshall Ulrich. Marshall has been a previous guest on The Mountain Life after he ran across America. Now he's back with a new book to inspire people to get outside for as long as they can especially during this time. It's called, BOTH FEET ON THE GROUND: REFLECTIONS FROM THE OUTSIDE. 

Lynn & Pete are joined by Eric Borsuk.He is the author of American Animals, the memoir featured in the major motion picture of the same name. American Animals was written with a paper and pencil during the 7 years that Eric Borsuk was in prison for a teenage heist of some valuable library documents, (including an original of Darwin's Evolution of the Species) that he carried out with a few friends.  Eric is a reformed convict who has dedicated his career to prison reform. 

Joining The Mountain Life is Daniel Stillman, a corporate facilitator, keynote speaker and podcaster who will talk about how to design conversations that matter. His new book is called GOOD TALK:  How to Deisgn Conversations That Matter, and is a step-by-step framework to effect change in your personal and professional conversations.

Summit County resident Chris Spealler joins Lynn and Pete on The Mountain Life. Spealler is the owner of Crossfit Park City and has competed in 7 CrossFit Games. A legend and icon in the Crossfit world, Spealler has recently has met a new challenge:  the confines of quarantine and having COVID-19. 

Lynn and Pete have the day off as we continue the remodel of our studios. Enjoy this rebrodcast of The Mountain Life from February 5th, 2020.

First interview:

Blogger and author Courtney Carver  joins The Mountain Life. Courtney’s books, Project 333 and Soulful Simplicity are part of the rapidly expanding move towards simplicity. We likely have all noted, to some degree, that during the last month while our Stay At Home Orders and working to protect ourselves from CoVid-19 are surreal, there may be some good that emerges from this strange time.

Sarah Urist Green is the host of the PBS Digital series, The Art Assignment and she joins us today. in light of our Governor’s newest order that Utah’s school children will continue to homeschool through the end of the school year. What this means is both parents, kids, all of us will need to find creative ways to engage our time, space, and minds. Our next guest can help us with that.

The Mountain Life speaks with KPCW's own Cool Science Radio co-host John Wells. JW, along with local friends Steve Maxwell and Jack Rubin, founded a fund to raise money for those most vulnerable in our community during this time of CoVid-19. They partnered with the Christian Center of Park City to build a fund that will rental and utility assistance those the most vulnerable populations in the Park City area. 

Let’s face it, we want to stay informed on CoVid-19, but our constant media exposure can be downright stressful - which is an emotion we are trying to control and mitigate at this point. So how do we judge which media we should listen to, how often, and ought we digest it?  Dr.

We all need a good book suggestion right about now. Wilderness athlete, experience junkie, and long-distance dog musher, Katherine Keith who has written Epic Solitude joins The Mountain Life to talk about finding solace in the athleticism and solitude of traversing the sublime Alaskan tundra as a dog-musher.

  Rehabilitation consultant, speaker and writer Val Walker joins to discuss her new book, 400 Friends And No One To Call: Breaking Through Isolation And Building Community. There are external as well as internal forces that isolate us, right now that external force is CoVid-19. But how do we escape that isolation — in creative ways? Val guides us in a friendly, candid, and comforting guide for these isolating times when we may feel that we have no one to count on.               

New York Times contributor and Full Table Solutions  founder Sophie Egan joins the show to discuss how to be a conscious eater in these uncertain times, when keeping a strong immune system is a foremost concern. Her book also addresses how we eat in general, before CoVid-19...Is organic really worth it? Are eggs ok to eat? If so, which ones are best for you, and for the chicken - Cage-free, Free-Range, Pasture-Raised? What about farmed salmon, soy milk, sugar gluten, fermented foods and more?