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The Mountain Life hosts Lynn Ware Peek & Pete Stoughton explore a wide variety of topics from health, fitness, and nutrition to parenting, lifestyle, and education. Lynn Ware Peek and Pete Stoughton are endurance athletes and lovers of the mountain lifestyle.

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In this Episode DR. MARISA PORGES joins The Mountain Life to discuss WHAT GIRLS NEED: How to Raise Bold, Courageous and Resilient Girls.She says the key ingredient to success for girls isn’t confidence or resilience, education or courage. What matters most is how all these elements work together in the boldest way possible. 

In this episode of The Mountain Life Host Lynn Ware Peek talks with author Lisa Woodruff. 

Americans are drowning in paper. We keep stacks of it on the kitchen counter, stash it in drawers, and store file cabinets full of documents. (In fact, one file cabinet can hold 18,000 sheets of paper. Yikes.)

Despite this clear crisis of paper, there hasn't been a book devoted to managing and organizing this single most abundant item in our homes--until now.

Nationally-recognized productivity expert and podcast host Laura Vanderkam joins The Mountain Life this week. Vanderkam draws on her 18 years of experience working from home in the THE NEW CORNER OFFICE: How The Most Successful People Work From Home. Many of us in the last four or five months have worked from home for the first time.

A 43-year veteran of mental health and substance abuse counseling, Nancy Johnston, who joins The Mountain Life to discuss her new book, Disentangle: When You’ve Lost Your Self in Someone Else. It is about the process not necessarily of leaving/divorcing/ending a relationship but rather of creati

Physician, photographer and artist, Eric Overton joins Pete this week on The Mountain Life. A Utah native, Overton has made a documentary film titled Collodian: The Process of Preservation, about our connection to the natural world and the conversations that surround it. Using a century old photography process called wet-plate collodion, Overton treks through the wilderness with his son, capturing the landscape of the west, including Bear’s Ears and other contested spaces. 

Heber Valley resident Ben Light joins Pete on The Mountain Life this week. Light is pushing his limits athletically, completing numerous endurance running races including 200-milers, a 268-mile winter ultra in the United Kingdom and most recently the Utah BRAWL, which we will hear more about. 

Medical director and emergency medical physician at Park City Hospital, Dr. Wing Province, joins The Mountain Life to give a update on COVID-19. He discusses the extreme importance of wearing a mask and dispels the myths about masks that you might see on social media. He also talks about asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic transmission and the latest research on the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Artist, writer, and mental health activist Miriam Feldman joins Lynn and Pete on The Mountain Life this week. Feldman discusses her new book, He Came In With It: A Portrait of Motherhood and Madness. The book is about her son, Nick. Nick was diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 18.

Renowned psychiatrist author, and avid gardener, Sue Stuart-Smith joins Pete and Lynn on The Mountain Life this week.

Gary John Bishop who is one of the leading personal development experts in the industry. There are a few topics that most of us revisit on a regular basis – but often only in our own minds – about making change in our lives, how to move past grief, how we find meaning and good relationships, Gary will help us answer these questions with an entertaining twist.

Park City resident, mountaineer and adventure racer Dianette Wells joins The Mountain Life. Wells has climbed the Seven Summits and will appears in the Amazon Prime Video show Eco-Challenge which debuts in August. The show details the 2019 race Eco-Challenge that took place in Fiji.

The Mountain Life speaks with psychologist Carol Hughes and family therapist Bruce Fredenburg who discuss their book, Home Will Never Be The Same Again: A Guide for Adult Children of Gray Divorce. Every year in the U.S., over 600,000 people age 50 years and older file for divorce - and researchers project that by 2030 this number will grow by one third.

Local Olympian Liz Stephen joins Lynn and Pete on The Mountain Life to discuss what a former international cross country skiing competitor does now to keep herself fit and healthy. 

Today we speak with Meredith Fineman who is an entrepreneur, writer and speaker. She is the CEO of Finepoint, a leadership and professional development company that elevates individuals, and particularly women, to an upward trajectory.

Professional runner and Jaybird Ambassador Brian Tolbert joins Lynn and Pete on The Mountain Life. Brian is a local Wasatch ultrarunner, part of the Black Arrows Run Crew, and a former elite cyclist that decided his mid 30s would be a great time to teach himself how to run.